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  1. I have the series 7 titanium 45mm watch. I ordered the Ultra, I like titanium, as I bang my Apple Watch on door frames and other stuff all the time, plus I am getting older and use readers a lot. I exercise every day and I am looking forward to the bigger brighter screen.

  2. On the scuba diving, it doesn't have air integration. That is the same thing as tank pressure monitoring which isn't supported. We'd need new hardware in the Apple Watch Ultra to enable that.

    For me, no air integration is the main reason I wouldn't consider using it as a dive computer. (Well that and the subscription required to use Oceanic+.) It would still be cool to not have to take it off while diving through 🤿

  3. The Watch's battery can last for longer periods of time, it can handle extreme temperatures, water-restiant, comfortable on wrist and suprisingly longer than it looks. It makes it easy for scuba divers to track live depth in the ocean, the temperature of the water surrounding them. It's great for mountain-climbers, it can stay on say they knocked off, or slip. they can track their way back to a starting point, if the they got lost. It's especially, in my opinion for runners, and trainers. It works like another stopwatch, but can track your heart rate measures the amount of caloreis that you've burned after training and stays on your wrist while you run! Something that've i've kind of noticed is that the watch has basic mobile apps. Meaning you can kind of treat it as thought it's a phone on your wrist.

    One hundred percent worth the money for the people that regularly do these things. Not really for everyday use, but not bad for it either.

  4. I absolutely dislike apple watches. I bought the series 7 and gave it away after 1 month of use to my mom. Switched back to Fitbit sense. I now go at least 4 days between charges. I don’t care If apple makes a watch that can fly me to the moon, I’m never going back. Great review though!!!

  5. It still can't compete with the true fitness watches for Marathon runners and trail runners. It's just not even close enough to consider honestly. I think to most of us in that bucket, they tried, and fell short. The "Ultra" name made it seem it was for us, but then it didn't do enough. They just need to be better battery wise.

  6. The thing that disappoints me with most modern technology now is it's short shelf life due to software. You're basically buying a product to last you 5 years max, when either the battery will diminish drastically or software will no longer work, or both.

  7. Have you heard of the Whoop fitness trackers? You should look into it, lots of top athletes (Patrick Mahomes, Rory McIlroy) are using it. Wonder what you would think…

  8. just wanna contradict something about the diving – tank pressure monitoring isn’t just something for extreme divers. it’s a mandatory part of ANY dive you do. so the fact that the watch has these dive features but doesn’t have pressure monitoring is actually very surprising and unfortunate

  9. We also need to consider those who buy it just for the looks and high end materials and the sheer size. The same happens with high end watches. Is everyone who pays 25k for a Rolex Submariner using the features every single day?

  10. The production of Marques’ videos are just excellent. This isn’t related to the topic, but thank you for your dedication to making your subscribers such wonderful content Marques

  11. I want to see these types of reviews a year into the usage of this watch. What does the battery time look like then. Are you recharging every day or did it still let you go two days?

  12. 1:40 Same thing for Samsung and their Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. They called their Phone S21/22 Ultra, why don't they name their Watch the same? Watch 5 Ultra

  13. Oh No! You’re convincing me to plunk down MacBook Air money on a Watch. It’s so useful. I love to wake up with my watch tapping my arm than my phone beeping. <—— that’s annoying. I don’t want to get up in a “bad-ish” mood.

  14. If you’re going to have the watch on your Right Wrist, you should switch the orientation so the crown sits on the left instead of the right so you don’t hit the action button so easy.

  15. funny how smartwatch battery is so important but no one talks about the Amazfit smsrtwatches, charged my gts 3 friday, with always on display and notifications on, today is wednesday and I am still at 47%.

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