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  1. I don’t recall them mentioning this song? Did they ever mention this song? It’s a great song. I actually found this accidentally looking into some other songs XD

  2. Really only only 42k views and the channel itself only has 1.8k subs? I really wish they got more exposure since I love all their songs and others should also hear this but also the older ones with nyan since those were lovely

  3. when a cat and Satan get together and sing……..chaos shall be sewn upon the wind, and blood fueled RAGE WILL BE UPON THEIR LIPS! why? does it sound like angels? what are these things on my face….tears?

  4. This song speaks to my soul. Nyan and Mousey brought the heat.

    My heart has been in a box for 30 years. This song made me realize I never gave myself or anyone a chance to know my thoughts on my loss.
    My friend Sarah would have loved this song.
    Now I can take it to her when I go.

    Thank you for the feels Magic.
    Thank you Nyan and Mousey for the gift of voice.

  5. ok I stumbled upon this and I just wanna say, I'm not usually a huge fan of vtuber songs (e.g. hololive EN's) but this is actually really good! Mouse and Nyan have great singing voices and the lyrics are really succinct and relatable.

  6. this song, this album, magic circuit, i didnt know about ya til nyan and then this banger drops and then the album dropped and i just cant…man this album FUCKIN SLAPS!!!

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