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  1. Just got mine yesterday. Love it so far. Battery life (so far) is amazing. Candidly, although I'm in the Ozarks, I do SOME trail walking/hiking, but won't be THAT adventurous. I just wanted a large screen Apple Watch. It will sit alongside my Series 7 Hermes, my Montblanc Summit 3, and yes, even my Samsung Watch 5 Pro.

  2. Hey Bro! I have a question… I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the video but I kinda need an answer. I have a GoPro Hero10 shooting in 4K 60. Will an iPad 9 edit the footage or do I need to spend more money and get the iPad Air 5. I am looking to start a YouTube channel and I need a good editing device. I would like to purchase one of these iPads but not sure which one. Can you help me out?

  3. Very useful video👍.Thank you @The Everyday Dad😍. Apple Product is highly Impressive. Sir, People like us can never buy a product like this.😐 I have a request for you…. "Can you give me an Apple Watch Ultra?"🙈❣

  4. Great unboxing. I’m awaiting for mine. I don’t go for really heavy adventures, but I like to go Jeep riding, visit waterfalls in Brazil with my dogs, and, also, I always loved sports watches like G-Shock.

  5. If price doesn’t matter it’s definitely the Apple Watch Ultra. My only concern is if you sell it after a year you will loose about 60-70% even in good condition. The market price for used AW6 in perfect condition is already ridiculous.
    I’m sure that the Ultra will receive some important upgrades over the next year. Because currently it’s one of the best smartwatches but not a very good sportwatch. And there are still some sensors missing.

  6. If you don't like limited movement of your wrist, then wear the watch behind the knuckle (= at the end of your arm just before the wrist). In fact that's how watches are supposed to be worn. I don't want to sound too high brow, but as a bit of a watch buff it always hurts my soul to see people wear their watches on the wrist. Check out Apple's marketing material – they wear the watch correctly behind the knuckle. Spread the word! <3

  7. Series 6 owner here and I really like the look and chonkiness of the Ultra but I already struggle wearing sleeves/cuffs (mostly hoodies) over my series 6, I can't even imagine what that would be like on the Ultra.

  8. Am same exactly I was wearing big watches but not anymore. Small ones look more classy and elegant. So would love to see a follow up of the watch as am interested also.

  9. Classic EDD, “It’s just what I need for my very rugged and intense trips to the grocery store” 😂😂😂. Best opening ever!! The first thing I thought when I saw this video was…..I can’t wait to see how this watch looks on your wrist! You’ve got a smaller wrist….always wear the 41mm AW so I thought it would swallow your wrist. It did! I’ve seen a lot of forum posts of the Ultra on smaller wrists and it always looks a bit like a shrunken down iPad mini strapped to a wrist. I know Apple’s designed this primarily as a “tool” watch so aesthetics aren’t necessarily the primary focus. Still though….I really don’t think this watch is made for those with smaller wrists. Great video…as usual EDD!!

  10. I hate my Ultra. It’s harder to use the crown because of that huge hump around it. It’s harder to swipe between screens cuz of that lip. And it’s freaking too high! Long sleeve shirts will be a pain.

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