Hello. Bonelab is releasing in 5 days. It may sound like I’m doing a little bit of “fanboying” and ya know what? You’d be right. I’ll be …


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  1. While the stuff with the models and physics/interaction engine are innovative and it'll probably be an entertaining experience to go through, unless this ends up being really supportive of mods and allows for full on game modes to be created and implemented, it's probably not going to end up being the Garry's Mod of VR compared to platforms like S&Box or VRChat.

  2. What do you guys say to those who have been saying "It just looks like Boneworks 1.5 being branded to cash in on hype" Because yes it's been said to me and my reply's always been "haven't played it yet so none of us can really say anything"

  3. It is worth mentioning that the sole reason Boneworks didn't release on PSVR back then, according to Brandon, was due to the limiting PSVR hardware (controllers).
    With the hardware upgrade of the PSVR 2 however he's made it a point on twitter that they're aiming to release for it as well.

  4. Sorry, but being hyped about a game that did not come out yet is just silly now days.
    Just look at other games: No man's sky, Cyberpunk….
    Play the game first, spread the hype after >_>
    Stop making money to multibillion corporations for free….
    Unless this was sponsored, which is what you should've said in the vid

  5. I never really liked boneworks because it's so creepy to me, but I absolutely love the mechanics of the game, and now, at 12am, I feel like jumping back in, even though I gotta work at 8am. XD

  6. Yeah the people behind stress level zero are honestly just excited gamers making the best games they possibly can. Thats why i love the VR space SOOOOO much.
    All the big gaming companies are too scared to fully dive into VR so theres no one trying to flood the game with micro transactions, and all the annoying money grubbing tactics that we are very much used to at this point. No season pass, no lootbox, no pay to win, nothing. You buy the game, play it, and if you enjoy it then good and if you dont then at least you tried.
    We truly are living in a new era of gaming and its exciting to see honestly. Because we can only go up from here. Technology will get better and our understanding of VR will get better.
    I know this is just a comment rambling on with the rest of the crowd. But to be apart of something like this is truly a once in a lifetime thing and im glad to be here.
    So GG we truly are gaming <3

  7. I couldn’t play boneWorks. I tried it but it gave me insane levels of motivation sickness that I almost threw up. I tried playing it after some breaks in between but it didn’t help. I’m happy for people that are exited for boneLabs but I personally don’t see the hype since I didnt get to play boneWorks. I’ve flown jets in VRC and went on “stomach turning” roller coasters in vr and they never affected me like boneWorks did.

  8. Quite excited for the game largely for the devkit. I'll probably spend more time on release day in the SDK porting my FF14 character and weapon into the game than actually playing the game.

  9. Can't wait to play as that anime kunoichi, and shoot things of course, and cruise around on that go kart. Also I've been thinking how Boneworks has the best feeling guns, probably due to physics applied to not only the weapon, but also the magazine and the player's hands. It just works so nicely. You could say the Bone, works. Haha.

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