AirPods Pro 2 Review: 1 Underrated Thing!

AirPods Pro take computational audio to the limits, which makes them hard to review, but great to listen to The water bottle: …


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  1. The other important note about the 48kHz sample rate for transparency mode is that it's at least 2 times 20kHz (the highest frequency humans can here), which is necessary for measuring all the sounds and filtering them down

  2. im looking to get new headphones before the end of the year, debating between the Pro 2’s or the Sony XM4’s (over ear not the earbuds). around black friday time i think the sonys will go down to 250, same price as the Pro 2’s. so which ones should i get? the form factor doesnt matter to me given one are earbuds and the other are headphones, i like the look of the sonys a little more though. im on the new 14 Pro Max, so user experience wise, will i enjoy the 2nd gen Pros more or the over-ear Sony’s?

  3. Can’t agree more with this video! This video with the AirPods Pro 2- fixed spatial audio vs off is Sooo impressive. (Using them right now)

  4. I have them and they sound ridiculously good! You don’t actually have to pinch the stem to change the volume. I lightly brush it and it works

  5. Does anyone know if Apple changed the material composition of the rubber tips? The first generation caused me and many others severe pain, in our ears, due to an allergic reaction, most likely caused by the tips. I saw many people report this problem, but never saw Apple admit to anything.

  6. i love my airpods 1st gen, 3 years of daily use and they are still rock solid! I never experienced such a value from an apple product since my macbook 2011 that im still using today.

  7. As a person who has used the og AirPods Pro’s since they came out and has used the pro 2’s for the past couple of days for 10+ hours a day on my shipyard construction job:

    These feel diff than the pros, they feel light and springy in the ear

    With og pros i at times would have to take my them out on transparency mode bc I couldn’t hear all of conversations I was having. With the 2’s it feels so natural and clear and with the addition of dimming loud sounds…. Amazing

    I never used noise cancellation really before but not I do at times; its really good here. I find myself going between all three modes now

    Sounds profile is good but not extravagantly better in my opinion

    Battery life is out of this world it seems like. My old ones were probably dying but these just crank all day

    I love these and def wouldn’t want to go back. 9/10 Can’t wait to try them for band practice tomorrow

  8. Upgraded from my powerbeats pro. I’ve went through several of those pairs and these i can say are a huge upgrade. And the noise cancellation is just slightly below the sony xm4s

  9. I love mine but must say they are hard to use on a zoom call as your voice plays in your head. I didn't try transparency mode so I will see if that helps. If not I will have to stick with the 3rd gen version.

  10. my airpods 3 decided to kill themselves so i can’t hear anything out of them anymore, it sounds hollow and absolutely disgusting. definitely getting these for the ANC and the speaker case (i’m a clumsy mf i always loose things lol)

  11. Hey Marques, thanks for the detailed information. Can you review the AirPods performance on call quality? How are the microphones on these? I use my AirPods pro 1 mostly for calls. As long as I am indoor it works, though people at other end sometimes complain about the call volume being low. But using Airpods pro in a noisy/windy outdoor has been a challenge. Is this improved in new AirPods pro? Is it worth an upgrade for my use?

  12. Wore my new AirPods Pro 2 for the first time and on my commute to Chicago, I took the Metra train and it was blaring loud, like probably 100+ decibels right next to the train where we had to walk past to get out of the station. Put on the ANC and it was insane, like reduced the noise by like 96%. Literally was game changing

  13. Listening to this on my new AirPods Pro 2nd gen’s that came in today and I can confirm: the transparency mode is next level. Not only is the adaptive transparency mode thing great, but what I also noticed is vastly improved is the whatever adaptive EQ’ing they are doing. Now, I literally cannot tell if I have the AirPods in on transparency mode or if they are just not in unless I am myself speaking. When I am speaking, I hear more highs in my voice than I would without the AirPods in. Really incredible, though. And yes, the noise cancelling is much better too. Very happy with my purchase.

    My comparisons are to my wife’s AirPods Pro 1st gens that I used for the last month leading up to getting these.

  14. Well, I would prefer not to be an Apple advertisement. They're screaming white and hang out of your ears, it's not a discrete look. Now, if they were to pay me to use my head as a human billboard…

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