Will Team Liquid go to the Group of Death? | ESPN Esports

Will Team Liquid go to the Group of Death? | ESPN Esports

Team Liquid have booked their ticket to Groups but what group they go in has yet to be decided and Tyler Erzberger explains …


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  1. Why do they keep underestimating PCS teams? You dont want to be in a group with 2 No. 1 seeds. We saw what a PCS team can do with 3 subs during play ins. I hope TL makes it out groups.

  2. Imagine saying we’ve seen how g2 goes because of msi last year between tl and g2 two different years with a different tl roster and a g2 that doesn’t look nearly as dominant as they did last year

  3. having 4 teams from a single region is the dumbest thing, it makes drawing teams so much more less exciting, imagine if MAD made it out with lgd, drawing teams would have been completely worthless, just removes an element from worlds

  4. Hey just want to say that I think this shorter style content is pretty valuable and as far as I've seen not as present as long interviews/analysis in the scene (which obviously have their own place too)

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