DSLR camera on a cinelifter drone | 8 motors DIY drone

DSLR camera on a cinelifter drone | 8 motors DIY drone

Support my work https://www.patreon.com/pawelspychalski Let’s put a DSLR camera on a drone. Of course, it’s not any other …


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  1. Hi Pawel, I made an octo and installed inav and after chose 8X only 6 motors are recognized and there is not the second beep after plugged the lipo and so the motors don't work on inav panel for motors. I use MATEK FLIGHT CONTROLLER F722-MINI SE and all works perfectly on betaflight. and I installed the last firmware of the FC and last inav version. What is wrong ?

  2. So the x8 drone flew well, mostly camera wasn't able to deliver on all expectations.
    That's still a major win. Hopefully you can experiment with focus modes (focus target options) to find something suitable. Most DLSR were not really designed for video, so unless have newer, advanced model, it likely a challenge.

  3. What I've been searching for is something better than a gopro that allows you to chose lens but does not weigh a ton like a DSLR.

  4. Updated my extremely poorly designed 8" to inav 4.1 does seem to fly better. Only weird thing is my position hold at last test started slowly going down but I have hover set high. And alt showed it going down. I adjusted hover point to yest again. But maybe gps alt mixing in effected I was near a building so maybe

  5. What I like about cinelifters – especially with INAV – it gives me a whole new set of challenges. It's like a new frontier. Just flashed 4.1 on my modified Thicc running 8 inch props and the new filters definitely improve things. Keep up the great work.

  6. Gratulacje. Teraz pozostaje ci dopracować szczegóły i być może wejść na rynek ze swoim dronem. Myślę że byłaby to konkurencja dla zagranicznych konstrukcji. Może trochę topornie wykonana, za to pancerna jak Tygrys II.

  7. Well, it doesn't suck! Its not bad at all footage, the fun of building, testing and flying it can not be measured. Keep up the great work, that looks like something I have been thinking of building!

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