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  1. God is trying to tell us He has had enough of our evil ways and is slowly withdrawing His protection from this planet. This is Satan’s idea of a good time! God’s coming soon, time to get our hearts right with Him. Prayers for all suffering from Ian.

  2. How many days does it take to take these building supermachines and scaffolding down? HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES IT TAKE AND WHY WASNT IT DONE CONSIDERING THE WORST HURRICANE TO EVER HIT FLORIDA WAS HEADING STRAIGHT FOR THEM😳

  3. This won't stop construction….hurricanes come this time every year. The coast is a big money maker….its going to happen again. But oh well……

  4. The law should say if any home or condo is damaged by living on the ocean from a storm it should never be rebuilt they should have never been built that close to the ocean ever .don't be stupid and expect the government and taxes to fix your condo

  5. I hope everyone will be ok! Praying that Floridians can get some $$ assistance both $$ and maybe some troops on the ground to assist people with debris removal, etc.

  6. First Covid-19 stops the construction of this project for 2 years. Now it gets hit by a hurricane. I think Mother Nature wants Florida to stop expanding its concrete footprint.

  7. So we have company's building high rises on the coast, Obama buying mansions on the coast, yet we are expected to believe that çits all going to be underwater in 25 years…." WHAT A BUNCH OF LIARS.

  8. It really astounds me, in the comment sections, how many Idiots are out there! Maybe instead of watching stupid Tic Tok clowns, and dancing stars, they can actually get some Education on basic things!

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