The Most ODD & Good SMARTPHONE for 2022!

The Most ODD & Good SMARTPHONE for 2022!

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  1. I wish Moto includes a pre-applied screen protector on the phone until you apply a tempered glass and it's hard to find back covers in the offline market.

  2. I would still go for Narzo 50 pro which I can get 1k cheaper on amazon with a extremely better processor, good 90Hz AMOLED display, good battery along with 33W charger, overall good cameras, excellent software experience(with some bloatware)

  3. 4g is not even a big deal like it is being hyped, you will get 10% improvement for the most part. Also the people who watch tech videos on youtube probably have wifi at home and at work, and people who dont watch tech videos probably dont much care about 5g; Outside of this Venn diagram are at best 20% people so 4g is still the best choice especially if 5g turns out to be more expensive.

  4. No tech channel is ready to share how is the after sales service of Motorola since its return… It would be great if someone steps up and gives honest reviews

  5. Everything checks out for me in the G72, but the MediaTek Helio doesn't just resonate. Having used it twice before, I can say it won't be up to the Mark. Only if this had the Qualcomm Snapdragon, I wouldn't mind paying upwards of 20K as well. 🕉️

  6. since u guys make so many videos on moto Phone and a lot of ppl buy it as per your recommendation for sure.!!
    why don't you guys make a seperate video on moto Phone only covering its features and some problem like there's no gallery apps and all and bow to tackle these problems with good third party apps

  7. Can anyone tell me why everyone running behind 5g. Because already getting good 4g speed and only using1.5gb mobile data per day?

  8. No one wants to address the issues generating in each and every moto phone after updates . I ordered 5 different different moto phones last year , all of them are giving extreme problems bcoz of software updates . Also , there is no availability of back cover and tempered glass in market , not even online . Please guys , ignore motorola . It's the worst thing you can buy . Trust me , when i am saying this . Their service centres are also pathetic .

  9. Company to all Tech Youtubers : we allow you to publish video on 3rd Oct.

    All Tech Youtubers on 3rd boom blast same phone video on same day and time that viewers got frustrated.

    Viewers 🙂 : Un-sub now

  10. I just don't understand moto's stupid decision making. This, g82, g71 are all nearly identical. How can a company like this be profitable ? What's the point of g71 ? Why is the g82 so expensive while having a mediocre SOC and camera. Why are they releasing a g82 without 5G(g71)?

  11. Humble request: please confirm actual screen brightness vs. Company claimed for all units reviewed…no content creator is doing this, …recent incident with Nothing phone 1 was so disappointing!

  12. Apart from the offerings, I won't consider this one rather 'll go with the older g71 as 5g is not far from us (talking of remote areas too), so what's the point of spending 18k or even 15k and then buying another one for just to access 5g.

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