The Good and the Bad of the iPhone 14 Pro

What’s new with the iPhone 14 Pro? The obvious answer is Dynamic Island but there is a lot more to it. In this clip, Marques, …


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  1. I think the way apple integrated their hole punch into their UI is nice but it somehow reminds me of Samsungs notification bubbles. At least the animations. In my opinion, apple just took the samsung notification bubble, added more features and worked it around their new design. Might seem a little far fetched and might sound like a samsung fanboy but that's how I see it

  2. aodNotify is an app that can give you a little notification light on your always on display. Same guy who made the Dynamic Spot app that brings the dynamic island to android!

  3. Upgraded from an XS that I had for 3 years, for the hell of it. Gotta say the experience is not that much more different. I’m not regretting anything but I don’t understand people who upgrade every year. I’ll probably keep this one for 5 years, unless something extremely cutting edge compels me to switch.

  4. Almost everything apple comes out with for they're iPhones been out as long as almost darn there half a decade. Apple installs them into they're phones and pretends that it has never before been seen in a smartphone before.

    The hard-core apple fan base don't even know stuff that have been put into iphones lately and in the past has been out in other phones years before they decided to place them into they're iphones.
    From Siri, hand and face jesters down to that hideous notch.
    And yes that notch did appear on another phone before it appeared on iphones.
    Apple despite catching up the iPhone is still years behind other phones.

    The 14 pro-max was already obsolete before it came out. But the apple fanbase doesn't know that.
    That's why techs on YouTube telling people they should skill the iPhone 14 PRO-MAX.

  5. I’d like to see apple just skip a year and come out with something that’s an actual improvement. These 1-2% improvements, or reworks to the same destination isn’t enough to sell me every single ywar

  6. Are you really talking about dynamic island being friendly?? What does Apple have to do to get a bad reviews from you? Not paying you?

  7. The best of iPhone 14 is that it is the only that one has the ugly notch. I can continue to use my iPhone 13 Pro (which is basically the same phone) and avoid the notch. Problem solved.

  8. I disagree with the claim that the software (dynamic island) makes the hardware issues (cut outs) "goes away". Dynamic island is acceptable and convenient for a lot of things … but maybe only for iphone 14 pro…. because most people can still operate them with 1 hand. But when it comes to the 14 pro max, you will need 2 hands to operate it. When the screen becomes that big, to reach the dynamic island, you will need to use your 2nd hand, which makes using the phone that much more inconvenient. And the situation is not as simple as a few native apps. Apple puts so much into developing the dynamic island that many, many native apps work with it. So that means it's a phone I have to use 2 hands to operate.

    Some might argue that the same issues happens with android phones as well when you have to interact with the notification bar. Well, if you are into android long enough (or it should be a common knowledge for newer smart phone?), you should know that you can just swipe down anywhere on the home screen to draw down the notification bar so you can interact with any notification. Granted, you still need to use 2 hands at times, but it's only at times. For iphone 14s, it's almost ALL THE TIME!!!!

    In addition, touching that cut out to interact with the dynamic island, inadvertently, you would end up touching the selfie camera. Sexy! So now every time I want to take a selfie, I have to clean the camera. If not, I would end up with smudgy selfie photos. How stupid is that? So taking a selfie needs an extra step now?!

    Also, it still doesn't hide (pun intended) the fact that there is an ugly cut out on top… especially when you watch videos, play games, and recording videos. What's worse, 3rd party apps don't play well with the cut out. God knows when these 3rd party apps will get updated to work with the cut out. If not, I will have to deal with wrongly placed text, buttons and etc FOR A LONG TIME!!!

  9. When they were talking about the notification lights or ring. I was just looking at my samsung note with a smile cause you can set a color ring around the screen to pop when you get a notification. And you can put it so it lights up in the color of the app you got the notification from.

  10. The whole concept of dynamic island is crap, and Apple will move out of it as soon as they can as they did with the keyboard mac screens. Understand these Apple guys NEED to launch a phone each year even if means putting some sh*t in it they coud not get rid off on time.

  11. LED indicators it's like talking to you telling you something
    Thanks Blackberry for bringing that trend up but sadly it's buried again !!!!!!!

  12. LED notification indicator by far is the best useful luxury feeling ever created. Hands down
    you know you have missed call low charge etc by passing (ex. busy at work, home) by the phone from distance.
    It's saved me a lot because it gets my attention to charge my phone before I hang out with friends and many other situation..

  13. My problem with android is the camera stops recording at the 10 minute mark. If my android would record the same length as Apple, I wouldn't buy another iPhone

  14. The settings allow you to turn off "always on display". Also, due to the A16 using 4nm production process it is more power efficient than the A15. You should go into the settings and optimize the power usage. In addition the pill can be modified to display various things by outside coders. There is one such thing as a a little pet icon that wanders over the top of the pill. Software will catch up to address all your little things you brought up.

  15. So, basically the bad thing about the new iPhone is the Always on display and how it is structured? If that’s the case I’ll just turn mine off when I get it this week.

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