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  1. CNET, be realistic. There is no unlimited high quality trash. Recycled material sourcing is not stable, sometimes a batch of plastic comes because a ocean wave comes in correct direction. Also despite rare earth materials being a small part of the phone, it causes a LOT more environmental damage than other materials on the phone. This sustainable transition is already going as fast as it can be. People need to recycle material like the Japan to have more recycled materials to use. And people or the gov are not doing that. The real evolution will come when breakthrough battery technology, algae plastic or true biodegradable technology comes to mass production.

  2. 100% propaganda MUMBO JUMBO, there ISN'T SUCH THING as 100% recycle PLASTICS, research acknowledging the big SCAM that is the so called recycling industry, a sustainable pollution SCAM!!!

  3. Yeah, but do Apple and Samsung make their phones and laptops easily repairable? Nope. Do they support third party repair stores? Nope. Do they provide easy access to replacement parts like what Valve/Steam and recently HP has been doing?? NOPE! DOES APPLE BRICK YOUR IPHONE IF YOU REPLACE THE CAMERA OR FACE ID WITH A GENUINE APPLE PART??? YES! What’s the point of Apple supporting iPhones for 5 years but making them very hard and costly to repair??

  4. For me the right to repair for the phone. What i mean there are no restriction whenever i replace my battery or screen so i can use it longer than buying new one.

  5. The priority should not be about increasing recyclable components, but convincing consumers that it’s not necessary to upgrade their phone every 2-3 years. I’ve been using the same phone for about 10 years now and the only thing to stop people keeping theirs longer is when Apple or Samsung prevents their aged products from installing the latest OS, which then stops users from using certain apps. Similar to the profit driven auto industry. It’d be nigh on impossible to tell companies to stop encouraging consumers to upgrade regularly. Perhaps law maker needs to put a heafty “green” tax on new consumer goods, so as to encourage people to either buy used or hold on to theirs for much longer.

  6. Status sysmbols used to consist of gem studded everyday things. Now its latched onto virtue signaling. Vegan leather and recycled phones. Nothings fundamentally changed, just as useless.

  7. So called recycling creates a lot of greenhouse gases. It would be better is all phones received the 9 years of security updates that the iPhone 5S has received so far. It would be better is all phones less than 9 years old still received security updates and so did not need to be recycled.

  8. Here’s a crazy idea: Race to be the first to stop making people buy a new phone every two years, when the one they have right now could easily last
    the rest of their lives. Instead of “recycled phone” because you “love the environment,” try no-phone, and fvck off.

  9. I have an idea! Go back to cell phone that you can replace the battery instead of junking the phone. Oh wait!, then people could use their phone a lot longer & Apples revenue would take a hit! Planned obsolescence is always in their favor, not the consumers!

  10. The best way to be environmentally conscious is to keep a phone at least 4 years and preferably 6. Therefor apple is the greenest as they support older phones for longer

  11. Besides, using recycled materials on the phones and its packaging, what these companies should do is make smartphones more modular and sell replacement parts that users can relatively easily replace themselves. It would give incentive to keep phones longer and not worry about spending $1000+ on a new phone every year or every few years.

  12. If the total price of ALL smartphones dropped and remained below $1K because their parts and manufacturing processes were less costly, then yes, I'd be stoked. However, that is not the way of GREED. I don't foresee flagship smartphones ever being priced below $1500, no matter how many "used/refurbished parts" they glue together. It will forever come down to the bottom line💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵.

  13. So they are going to skip the part where they ship phones out to be used for 10-12 months and then replaced? They'll just make them then immediately recycle them instead?

  14. So are either company going to lower the prices of their phones if they are using cheaper recycled materials, saving them money or are they going to remain super expensive and even raise their prices (cough cough Samsung)

  15. Apple's self repair service is purposefully designed to be as unattractive as possible.
    They only started it to have something to point to when regulators demand repair options.

  16. We don't need phones which can be recycled, we need upgradable and long lasting devices.
    Recycling should always be considered as the last step, planned obsolescence needs to end.

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