Great New Samsung Update for Galaxy Smartphones – What's New? (ONE UI 5.0 Only)

Great New Samsung Update for Galaxy Smartphones - What's New? (ONE UI 5.0 Only)

Get the update here: Samsung …


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  1. Hello, just have a comment…has anyone else heard that the UI 5.0 update will not be available for all Note20 Ultra users in the U.S….if this is true, then this isn't fair and will only make me return back to the iPhone, at least the iPhone users get all updates with no exceptions.

  2. Hi sorry to disturb you my Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra when I record a video and want to edit on my computer I can only hear voice the video is not showing. I don't know if this has anything to do with one ui 5.0 I recently updated

  3. I don't have the one ui 5.0 android 13 update for my galaxy Note 20 ultra unlocked snapdragon version. Can u tell me what's going on with that.

  4. Supppperrrr… I got the update. Saki, yesterday I received an update for my Tab S7plus, which is now running the latest version Android 13. You might want to consider making a video about this! Thanks again, Sakitech.

  5. Thanks as always Saki 👍🏽 This will be nice for some users, but quite frankly all their wallpapers are boring as heck! I prefer to download Wallpaper apps because of the variety and categories to choose from, including video wallpapers.

  6. there wa a major bug in ONE UI 5.0, which was not allowing the walpaper service to apply, but that was fixed with the november OTA update only. and I was using santorini lockscreen walpaper,, the link for that you only have shared in one of your old video, that lockscreen walpaper is no longer available with ONE UI 5.0.
    It will be great if you can please share the "santorini" lockscreen wallpaper(3 short video compilation if you remember) link which is compatible with ONE UI 5.0

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