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  1. I personally like to think of cryptocurrencies as 'stocks without product'. There's a bunch of market happening around them, the basics slimming down to Engagement/Investment relating to Growth or Decline, but there's no company or product directly attached to the investment, it's just people throwing money at the concept of an investment in the hopes of furthering their own.

  2. i thought i was the only one who felt this way about 5G i noticed it while doordashing i would miss order because it wouldn’t load while i have “5g” but have no problems with 4g

  3. 5G=SCAM G capitalists bro they don't care about the product or the customer they care abot profit and how the can make the human (you and me) and the entire planet the product that is the sad truth about our society

  4. In phones, I think reviewers harp on the "no charger in the box" thing and normal people don't give a shit at all.

    Normal people all already have a charger or 12 at home, and they don't know or care about the differences. The only thing they know is X one is for phone and not laptop.

  5. If you think about it you could tell 5G was gonna be BS from the start when they started heavily advertising sub-millisecond ping times…. The speed of light through a fiber optic cable is about 124,188 per second, so the signal can only travel 124 miles in 1 millisecond but you have to divide that by 2 because when you ping a server its calculated by the time it takes a packet to hit the server and return back to you. So then if you divide 124 miles by 2 that equals 62 miles per 1 millisecond. So it’s impossible to hit any server in less than 1 millisecond that is more than about and hour away from you 😂😂😂. You can’t even ping less that sub millisecond from Dallas to Houston let alone the rest of the country or the world. 5G has been a bunch of BS from the beginning….

  6. Agree about 5G. Its actually worse than LTE in some places, Also LTE is simply good enough or even overkill in some cases for watching youtube videos and general smartphone/internet usage. Nobody NEEDS 5G but the carriers will try and convince you how crappy LTE is so they can sell you a new phone plan etc.

  7. On the topic of panel gaps: I‘ve heard from German reviewers that this is mostly a problem with US-built models. The Chinese-built Teslas have a lot better panel gaps. Would be interesting to know why.

  8. You continue to prove that great content doesn't require an extensive production studio ( Even though you have one) . I truly appreciate these more candid videos.

  9. i don't see why you're sympathizing with tesla, such a large company. they don't need to be strategic about it. they can EASILY. EASILY cut someone a check to solve the issues. they can click up with bmw like toyota did i don't see why they wouldn't take Tesla's money too… i have no idea how long it would take to make changes effective immediately in their warehouses, but im assuming not that long. they have issues like this because of greed and cutting corners. but that's most companies. now im here thinking, you seem like a pretty smart guy, how do you not realize that? hm

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