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  1. If the right kind of people get back in both Houses of Congress, then this bill would have a good chance of being approved. If not, it's probably for naught.

  2. The left do not follow the law or the constitution. Us not practicing civil disobedience and backing each other up with force is a shame. Your Video is moot! And weak dicked.

  3. Oh good, another bill that will never see the light of day because they never show up when we actual have control of the senate, the house, and/or the presidency. Maybe one day we'll get somebody who doesn't push these bills just for political clout and instead pushes them when they actually have a chance, not that I'm holding my breath though.

  4. Tennessee did it. States gotta do it at a state level. Period. So I completely understand your doubt, because federally…… Hahahaha right

  5. They should have done this when so-called Republicans had the majority. However, this issue is what gets them elected, and they do nothing.

  6. How many times are we going to fall for this? Anytime the Republicans are out of power, they introduce gun-friendly bills. Anyone remember the fate of nationwide reciprocity? We had a Republican House, Senate and President. The Republican speaker, Paul Ryan, deep-sixed it.

  7. We get these bills when they will not pass, BECAUSE they will not pass. They are grandstanding for the sheep among us that haven't already woken up to the fact that the GOP and Democrats are two sides of the same coin, and they are after the same thing. They don't want America to be free. They don't want America to be armed. They are liars and they are playing political theater for the soft minded.

  8. It’s not a bad thing to have these bills go up for vote even though the fraudulent Democratic Party in the senate and White House most likely won’t vote for it

  9. Remove sbr from the nfa registry, brought to you by the same clowns who submit bills on term limits.
    Who votes on these? Its not we the people, its the idiots in washington who will never vote "yay"

  10. we need state laws that nullify federal communist gun control . Examples are a state firearms license all firearms manufactured in a state and stay in that state can be sold in that state etc…

  11. My legislators aren't worth talking to. Every time I've tried I get the canned "Thank you for your concern but I've already decided I'm always going to go the other way on that issue, but I'm adding you to my mailing list." response.

  12. Ok. I know someone is going to chime about this is about the second amendment and you are right.
    I would argue that barrel length is a personal preference and has nothing to do with "lethality".
    Oh but this person say blah about x barrel length….don't care. The actual effectiveness of any weapon rest majority in the hands wielding it.
    Give me an sbr, I will ask you, what you want me to do with it. I am personally partial to 15 to 20 inch barrels. (I know 15 is legally an sbr). The point is if it's something you aren't familiar with, train, or don't worry about how long your barrel is. Laws trying to pick a safer barrel length are the epitome of stupidity anyway.

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