iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S22 Ultra Drop Test!

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S22 Ultra Drop Test!

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  1. My 14 pro max fell out of my pocket and got ran over 2 times it was in a pelican clear case and it was completely fine only the screen protector got cracked

  2. Brother 🙂 I am from Sri Lanka. It is only a dream of people to buy an iPhone 14 Pro Max in our country 🙂 But only about 1% can achieve it. In our country, that phone costs about 8 lakh rupees. But a man's monthly salary is 50000. It makes it very difficult to live for the month 🙂 So if you can go for those dreams, thank you very much for your help 🥺😞

  3. At this point it really doesn't even make sense to compare drop resistance (expect with phone cases), since most people will get case when they buy $1000 phone, and most of the newest phones are practically built the same way, like most of flagships are just literally heavy glass slabs.

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