10 FREE Virtual Reality Games To Try (THIS WEEK ONLY)

10 FREE Virtual Reality Games To Try (THIS WEEK ONLY)

Today we’re going to be trying out this week’s FREE Virtual Reality Demos. As far as I know, they are available until next Monday, …


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  1. I was able to find No More Rainbows, Alpha Terminus and VRNOID’s DEMOS on SideQuest if you need a SideQuest tutorial check out my video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUodLZbp6HM 👍 EDIT: Game #7 was copyright claimed so I had to remove it. The game was called Ornament Express and it actually looked pretty cool.

    VRNOID was probably my favorite, it was really fun to play single player but I can't wait to get multi and be able to challenge someone to air hockey
    Ornament Express seemed like a fun puzzle game but I couldn't seem to finish the puzzle or maybe the demo doesn't let you move on, not sure but I'm exited to see the finished game
    Gazzlers was a fun shooting game that increasingly got harder the father you get in a level which was pretty cool and there were gun upgrades, also it didn't make me motion sick which was a plus
    No more Rainbows was pretty fun and cute but also a messed up kinda cute lol like barfing a rainbow. If you played/play gorilla tag you'll probably be really good at it
    Band Space has a good idea behind the game but the timing of the instruments felt soooo off. I'd be willing to try it again later down the road to see if they fix it cause it could be really fun with a full band

  2. So far I've tried Vrnoid and Band Space. Band Space I was done with in less than 10 minutes. It feels like it wants you to hit the notes much too late. I thought it was just my computer but I opened the developer's live stream and while he was hitting 100s on almost every note, it sounded awful and offbeat…. Won't be playing it again. Vrnoid is a really cool, casual game. I enjoyed the 30 minutes I played of it. The only thing is their AI air hockey is pretty 'dumb' at times. I figured out that if you hit the puck in at the same spot, the AI will fail 99% of the time, even on legend difficulty mode. I slashed through 3 games in a row 10-0 with ease. I like it overall though

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