Relieving Phantom Limb Pain Using Virtual Reality

Relieving Phantom Limb Pain Using Virtual Reality

Many people who have lost a leg or arm experience a persistent sensation known as a “phantom limb”, which can be associated …


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  1. Phantom pain is totally unpredictable and excruciatingly real,, Attempting to trick your brain into thinking that the missing limb is still there while you are experiencing the pain does not rid you of the pain, it does not work! I know from my own 30 plus years living with a full right leg amputation,, What amputees like myself need is a medical solution to eradicating the pain while it is happening and a preventative course of treatment! Mirror therapy/mind focusing may work in a few cases but NOT for the majority of us dealing with this infuriating condition,, Give us a real practical solution that works!

  2. I'm in the UK. I've just start dating a gent with upper limb amputation. Brachial plexus aversion. Please we don't have this is the UK. Can you please tell me the VR programme. He hasn't even been offered 'mirror therapy' 20 surgical procedures. Mid humerus amputation. Really want to help him. Please if you can point me in the right direction? Eternally grateful!

  3. Would this reduction in pain also result from having a prosthetic limb looking as identical as possible to the real limb? It must be difficult to fool the brain with a length of metal coming out from the residual limb!

  4. I study about phantom limb pain in A-levels health psychology, but we only study the mirror box therapy as its treatment. If more reliable and valid researchers have been done under the use of virtual reality, this should have also been added to the course and probably used more widely because it seems successful in treating the pain.

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