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  1. This reviewer has no idea what hes talking about and clearly wasn't paying attention when playing the game. So frustrating when journalists try to review games and not gamers.

  2. I agree with the point you made in an earlier video (maybe you did already, but I'm not done with the video yet), which is that in an open world with the possibility to RP (like in GTA V) would yield crazy money to this company

  3. the only thing about this game that i hate is the poorly chosen spells like an idiot chose them. "basic attack".. what spell is that??? uh not a spell its "basic attack" like wtf? you want a standard attack try a bludgeoning spell. where is transfiguring or conjuring things into animals to attack or transfiguring the ground underneath people into ice or mud to stun people instead of the bloody levitation spell (definitely not a combat spell) being used in combat? then the summoning spell accio again not a combat spell there is a reason why accio does not work on people lol if it did it would be incredible over powered. it has already been established it is easy to summon something from inside a Hogwarts tower all the way down to the quidditch pitch. if accio worked that way Voldemort could had just walked into Hogwarts grounds and said accio harry potter and then killed harry as he was flying across the Hogwarts grounds uncontrollably lol.

    they have practically unlimited potential in the spells and spell theory already available and they chose to do some brain dead stuff.

    i'm passionately pissed with this simply because it is the only thing that i don't like lol, so close to perfect.

  4. I love it so far, I am now 8 hours in. And already doing slytherin things and being as dark as I can. lol The combat is actually fun, U are not just bouncing them around, even the enviroment can be used around u. I also been runing into media sites trying to tell u things like… Omg, U need to have several playthroughs just to get the platnum trophy. That is only half truth, its easier then that… but they are trying to discourge people from even playing it. lol

  5. Dear Youtube, why do you recommend a weirdo pasting his face over someone else's video? I mean just give me the original video.

  6. internet before game: combat looks boring
    Me: combat looks like spiderman, which was loved for its combat
    internet after launch: combat kinda cool!


  7. IGN can get fk'd they couldn't help themselves and still made a statement about JK Rowling separate from the video, The boycotters are straight up harassing people and IGN over there trying to appease them.

  8. the combat is a bit less than expected but honestly its not at all a deal breaker for me because for me its the over all experience and very little of that has to do with the combat. sure i wish it was more inventive and had more of a wow factor but its just ok. personally im actually getting kind of sick of this style of combat system as square enix and a few others have severely over used it and its mediocre at best. for example i still havent played ff15 because of this combat system. some games it works well but for games that really shouldnt be so simply and repetitive they should put more effort. id very much prefer something more along the lines a ff12 combat system for harry potter but without the auto base attack so i guess closer to ff7 remake really. while its cool being able to string together some awesome combos and stuff i personally think a game like this deserves to have a more strategic combat system.

  9. Someone tell asmon the combat does expand.

    You can time certain counter spells based on enemy encounters. Example, pulling the toads tongue when they are about to attack. Expelliargus a dark wizard when they charge the spell. Accio a crossbow bolt from a goblin, etc etc

  10. Im literraly only buying the game cause the blue haired weirdos hate it. And i love to see them ree. Lucky it justhappens to also be a decent game. Anything to make the wokies cry tho

  11. First let me say that most of these reviews of the PC version especially were paid in advance. It's suggested specs for "ULTRA" SETTINGS are cap as fuck. Have no idea how this will run on switch.

    That said, I personally bought the PS5 Digital Deluxe for $80 USD, and I'm impressed. Holds 60+ fps near constantly, minimal glitches, fast load times, and even though I've only ventured through part of the castle and into Hogsmeade, I'm thoroughly blown away by the world so far.

    At approximately 5 hours in, I'd make a case for 8.5/10 but the 10/10s were paid.

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