1 Month with the OnePlus 11 – Too Good to be True?

OnePlus 11 Unboxing & Review – testing the design, camera & performance! Can OnePlus win us back and compete with the …


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  1. I've had the 7 pro for a little over 3.5 years. Got it with A9 and put A10 on it with no problems. But then came A11. Nothing but problems and huge bugs. OP never really got it to work properly, and A12 is still not ready for the 7 series, even though they promised 3 OS updates. I'm still running A10, and I am very reluctant to install A11 because of all the serious bugs reported on it. OP seems to give all their attention to the "new baby", and then after a while, they leave it behind. Granted, they all do this to some degree, but this is just ridiculous. I just don't trust OP anymore. What's to keep them from pulling a "7 series" on this new OP 11?! I'm looking at the S23 Ultra…

  2. By the way, not to nitpick but, the 10T only has a 4800 mah battery and not a 5,000 mah. The other two devices have 5,000 mah. To that end, your test model is inaccurate and the data you collected is skewed.

  3. It's actually not surprising that this phone does not have wireless charging. OnePlus is trying to get back to the days of being a flagship killer and that is obvious in the 11. By definition, flagship killers are all about speed, performance and overall function. To that end, they pair away gimmicky features like wireless charging and power share in favor of processing speed, memory and amazing charging technology. That is also why they have already announced that there will not be a pro model this year. Besides, who really cares about slow wireless charging when you can have 80 watt fast charging? In addition, I am very happy to see that they brought back dual SIM card ability in the United States variance this year. They haven't had dual SIM card ability since the eight series. Anyway, I just pre-ordered mine on Amazon today and I can't wait for it to be delivered on February the 20th.

  4. Rubbish, I've got a OP9pro with the wireless charger, pointless me upgrading to this. 2 year old screen tech, old USB, seriously this is a backstep. I'm surprised any reviewers are letting this slip by. They brought wireless charging to us and made it almost as fast as wired, 37 mins wireless for a full charge is still faster than most wired charging…..then they take it away. What does every wireless charger owner supposed to do with their charger? If you've never really used it and don't see this as a big deal I can only say once you have it's hard to go back.

  5. Hi, nice review but the uncertainty you voice ahead of what other Phones may release would make me err to the side of caution and wait. Lack of Wireless charging is disappointing.
    Still hang onto my Xiaomi 12T which although also without wireless charging is in all other areas excellent and I've before Christmas decided to try out Samsung and bought the S21FE which although still getting to kn.w is very good. Keep up the good work.

  6. I pre-ordered the black OnePlus 11 yesterday but I'm sort of regretting it as there's no case included. I don't want to fork out another Β£30- Β£40 for a case

  7. I've never used the wireless charging on my phone in over 2 years. I don't think it's a huge issue for most users to be fair, especially when you have a phone that charges so quickly AND has a good battery. When you really think about it, those two factors would make wireless charging unnecessary most of the time.

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