WWE 2K23 Hands-On Preview

WWE 2K23 Hands-On Preview

Check out our WWE 2K23 preview based on our hands-on time with the upcoming wrestling game, featuring new WWE 2K23 …


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  1. The ONLY reason 22 made an impact is because of the failure of 20. Please stop hyping a series of games that truly at its core are retreads of previous games before it.

  2. We still donโ€™t got special guest ref, a dating option in the my rise, a update superstar system were they would upload a updated look so that we donโ€™t have to mod to get it, and a better universe mode

  3. There's no Street fight, hardcore, unlimited weapons, barb wire, there's nothing news beside WarGame. It's 2023 why do we all have to stuck with the same same things annually.

  4. I'm waiting for us to be able to transfer our created wrestlers to each new game. Rather than having to create them all over again each year.

  5. What should be a significant roster update and the addition of War Games has me pretty much sold. If they expand the MyGM to a mode with more options and control they could potentially have their best games to date by a mile.

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