Facing the Fear of Death in Virtual Reality

Facing the Fear of Death in Virtual Reality

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  1. Seriously, isn't it enough to live life than waste time ritualizing death? Moreover, why waste time thinking about the afterlife experience since EVERYONE will experience it when it arrives. Lastly, the fear of death will not solve the issue that drives it, the fear or phobias that prevent you from living.

  2. That's cool… I'm not uncomfortable when is about death, I think about it pretty much, I just don't like how it can happen, like in a violent or in a extreme paifull way, that's somthing I would like to process, and what brings me anxiety about death is how sudden it can happen, it just don't care about your plans you've made, your dreams and fears, it just take you.

  3. All religions of the world have one thing in common, and that is that a person must DO something in order to reach God or a better afterlife. It is only biblical Christianity that teaches the work necessary to accomplish our salvation has already been DONE on our behalf.

    The truth is that death leads to heaven or hell, and the only way to heaven is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross to pay for the sins of the entire world (John 1:29) and came back from the dead (1 Cor. 15:3-4). He did all of the work necessary to purchase our salvation, and all He requires of us is that we trust in Him. The moment we believe in Jesus for His free gift of eternal life, we are saved forever (John 5:24). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh1VU-_OF98

  4. The reason why death is uncomfortable is the same reason why the idea of sexualizing a child is uncomfortable and even offensive. Subconsciously, we know there is something wrong with such concept and in the case of death the concept of nothingness after death brings discomfort. Embracing what is closer to truth gives us comfort hence why even nonreligious people find the idea of continued existence comforting even with the idea that somehow you will continue to be aware that you have made a difference when you were alive. What you did in life means nothing in the perspective of oblivion but it does mean something when you accept you would continue to be aware that your actions in life meant everything even beyond death.

  5. If you want to overcome the fear of death, you should start living. Take care of yourself and your body and live everyday like it's your last (within reason of course). And if it turns out that your death is closer than you had hoped then just know that you lived the best you could and don't get worked up over what is out of your control. Death isn't the grim reaper. It's going on an adventure out into the unknown. An adventure that everyone will go on.

  6. Okay when you weren't even born yet how did it fell? Fine because when you die you won't mind being there that is the only thing you know exists and it is peacefull no pain no suffering that sounds amazing doesn't it? So for me death is peace and letting go of pain and suffering. But I think there is nothingness a void of black but peace and no pain in the void no suffering when you die. Basic sleep forever but with out dreams

  7. When I was about 18 or so, I had a nightmare about getting shot. I started falling in what seemed like slow motion with an internal countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Then I was immediately shooting fast through the most colorful lights that rival even the most modern CGI. The scary part for me, was I tried to look left or right. It was that realization that I had no body. I either had no control of where I was going, or I needed to learn another way to move this new self. As I was getting closer to this brighter light, I woke up knowing it wasn't my time. But I always wondered if that was a real vision of what happens when you die as I had never seen this before in pop culture like we often see today (and in this video). So where does this visual come to play on our own as a collective? As always, so many questions. But I wanted to share this info for others wondering.

  8. I dig what they're trying to do with destigmatizing the world view on death and death anxiety. The only thing I don't agree with is using a VR headset holistically for a hospice patient who's dying of a terminal illness instead of keeping them in in hospital or at home with a nurse so they're not in pain and cared for until their passing. I feel the same way about Christianity centered rehabs that try and pray the withdrawals away with heroin addicts when they need to be medically detoxed in case of something going wrong. If I was strungout and dope sick the last thing I'd want is somebody trying to strap a headset to my face while I'm on the toilet and puking into the sink simultaneously while telling me to explain my feelings. Ugh..not saying thats what they'd do but I've seen and heard addicts horror stories when it comes to places like that. Terminal illnesses and Drug addiction are two extremely serious and life threatening disabilities and need the correct environment around them as to not needlessly suffer.

  9. this is fucking retarded

    death is the absence of existence. its merely nothing. an eternal void of nothingness. it doesnt take away the beauty of life, if anything, it makes it more precious. thats just my take.

  10. Since I'm more spiritual than anything, I'm not really afraid of leaving this realm. I actually fear of HOW I'm going to exit.

    I would rather leave this place during my sleep rather than being murdered, some tragic accident, or some horrible painful illness that leads me to a slow and torturing way to leave this realm.

    I believe there is no such thing as death. Only a transfer of consciousness. It's the method of the beginning stages of transfer from this realm to the next one that has me concerned 🤔

  11. I used to find death fascinating and even beautiful, until recently I’ve found myself stuck in a shell of anxiety about the fact that my life on earth as well as everyone else’s will come to an inevitable end one day. Death and dying just got too real for me I guess but I’m learning to cope.

  12. How many times do I have to keep coming back to Earth this place stinks and you people stink I also just know my time comes if I am scared for whatever reason I'm not going to fight the fear cuz even though my soul goes on forever the fear of death is kind of natural when you think about it so I'll just let it all kick in I'm the type of guy that would purposely do things that he's scared of on purpose I don't know why I just have that type of personality if I don't get scared I'm bored

  13. It's comforting to believe that "We term it death only because of our short sightedness. A more proper term would be 'a more abundant life.' … it is a forward step we have taken." ~ Shoghi Effendi, Lights of Guidance, Baha'i Faith

  14. What scares me the most is when death reaches me, is nothingness. Just complete nothingness. What will my body go through? Lying in a coffin/casket for years only to rot away, not being alive and able to the things other people can do on earth, even though I have so much time to do what I desire, even if it's not materialistic things. Where will my soul go?? Will I linger on earth watching the earth go by in decades? Or will I go to heaven and experience glory with god.

    Those things I think about a lot.

  15. When I saw what his vision was I guess you could say of what would happen to him

    I had a similar experience I was laying in bed fearing death then had this trance or out of body type experience but while awake and I could see my self going through space pass the milky way galaxy passed planets, stars, and moons and after that I guess woke up but on the floor and not my bed

    And I honestly think when I die I just hope that I'm on my planet but it's a recreation of my families farm all the stuff I did there like using my bow for target practice, to exploring the woods behind our farm for miles like I did when I was kid and building shelters of fallen trees and actually sleeping there when it got dark
    (For insolation I used dirt n grass to cover up the holes and gaps to try to make it warm as possible it kinda worked)

  16. Use to have a serious fear of death when I was a young boy, so much so I broke down in the middle of class in elementary school and had to go to the counselor. Now I accept and revel in the idea of my death, I know it’s coming and I’ll embrace it with everything that comes with it. Being absolved of all fear is a freeing thing that has really opened up many things in my life.

  17. if death is just like sleeping I don't wanna die.. cause like, sleeping is just black nothingness, you don't know what your doing, and its just.. black. that's why I fear death, I don't want it to be like sleeping..

  18. I used to be worried about what happens even though I’m Christian, but I’ve decided that as long as I live the rest of my life with my girlfriend I’m happy

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