Hogwarts Legacy: 10 Essential Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Hogwarts Legacy: 10 Essential Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

The Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy is bursting with whimsical wonder and captivating mystery. However, the magical …


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  1. My issue was, you couldn't continue the main quest without exploring the castle to level up to get around side quests…….so we can continue the main quest 😐

    I decided to stop playing the game until the questing is kinda fixed

  2. Love the game. It's so much fun! My only big complaint so far is the map. It's garbage and clunky af! Wish it was a regular map instead of this terrible 3D map.

  3. What this guide doesn't tell you: When selling clothing items, you still keep them in your trans-mog system. Meaning you don't really need to upgrade your equipment slots. Wear whatever has the best stats and sell everything else.

  4. Imagine making 10 tips in 2023 without chapter markers for each. What a cash grab video with pointless tips everyone unavoidably figured out themselves. This is rotten.

  5. I’ve had early access and have nearly 100%
    PLEASE do these first:
    -Do campaign for the first 10ish hours it unlocks a lot of stuff
    -get alohamora and level it ASAP
    -get a broom as soon as it’s available
    -go to hogsmead and do the ps5 exclusive quest whenpossible
    -whenever a new spell is available get it immediately, it helps with exploration

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