Hogwarts Legacy in Virtual Reality πŸ’€

Hogwarts Legacy in Virtual Reality πŸ’€

bladeandsorcery #hogwartslegacy #virtualreality β€’ Now that the everyone is playing Hogwarts Legacy and I rewatched the whole …


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  1. For a guy that has all of these subscribers it says a lot about you that till this day you respond or like someone's comments. Most content creators with this many subscribers don't care. All the way from California thank you for being a gifted, decent human being man

  2. i don't think vr will ever be anything big if such a bad game that only comes with mediocre to below average mods is celebrated to this day. That's so sad.

  3. I think you need to wave the wand a bit more to use the enlargement spell. Also, I'm pretty damn sure that it was you who are the one who shall not be named. Voldemort couldn't handle the intense aura and instinct of his inescapable death so he went back home to his family…if he still has one. Merp probably already got to them.

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