NEW PlayStation VR2 Unboxing – It's FINALLY Here!

We got our hands on the new PlayStation VR2 for the PS5 a little early. Here’s our quick unboxing and first impressions!


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  1. Pretty hard to get the original controller charging station for the psvr2 rightnow but I got lucky and could preorder one. Some lives will change in 11 days fellow gamers. 🫶🏼

  2. I haven't been excited about anything SONY since the PS3 (for online multiplayer) and the first few mirrorless alphas; GT in VR is a dream come true.

  3. Why do people keep complaining it’s expensive? This is easily $700 and yet Sony decided on a MUCH lower price — about $200 off. Comparatively this is the same price as the PSVR1 — which DIDN’T come with controllers bundled.

  4. The thoughtfulness of everything from the headset adjustments to the box being able to be used as a storage box makes me happy. I know the launch isn’t as big as Sony probably wanted it to be. (Preorder still isn’t sold out yet) But I know people will come around once it starts getting into peoples hands and reviews start coming out. Hopefully PC support will be in the works in the future. They could make it where you could only activate on PC if you have a PS5. Kinda like how they are able to track activated consoles. I’d even buy an unlock key. What do you think?

  5. with all due respect yes there are more expensive vr headsets because they are better. 549.99 is too expensive with tax or if u want the charger its around 650.00. Now each to his own but thats expensive as hell for a niche product.

  6. Hi, could you tell about connecting psvr 2 to pc? How pc recognised Headset? Are you able to see anything? Because I heard they are not working with pc. Thanks

  7. This was probably the best PSVR 2 unboxing I've seen (and I've watched a bunch, including by some of the traditional gaming media). Not only did you get all of the details right, you did a great job of presenting the hardware.
    The only tip I'd offer is that there are earbud holders on the headset strap (near the back on the sides) so that the earbuds don't flap around when you're putting on or taking off the headset.

    Also, where did you get that Horizon footage? I've never seen those shots before. Man that game is looking good!

  8. This is a waste because these arent new games these games been out for over a year and when they going to make real games for this like mortal kombat or spots madden nba 2k or tennis or call of duty war zone than it would be a win

  9. I love your content and have been enjoying it lately, and I love the hard work and effort you put in,and all the details you give about what your reviewing ❤

  10. The Oled display makes this the best VR headset on the market. Even the pixel technology is new and does not exist on any other device.

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