The Galaxy S23 Ultra is Better Than You Think!

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra is a great minor (minor great) upgrade. That shirt! Get dbrand’s Damascus …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. This is crazy! It feels like yesterday when I spent a fortune getting the S22 ultra from a Galaxy Note 4 thinking it was the best phone to get.

    Then noticed the battery drains so much, even when I am asleep. Gaming isn't anywhere as good as an IPhone 12 Pro Max. Everything else is alright but no point if it barely lasts a day.

    And now the S23 ultra has a CHIP upgrade! And a camera upgrade which I personally don't care much about.

    Buying a flagship Android phone these days makes zero sense! Why can't they just sell the new processors and pop it in the existing phones like a Custom PC?

  2. I had the S22 Ultra, but I ended up ditching it due to the curved screen edges. It's nice that they flattened this one out a bit but I don't think I'll go back until it's a fully flat display panel.

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