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  1. Rep. Goldman challenges how Jonathan Turley characterizes his work experience "as working for the Federal government". Turley's work experience is limited to high school and college and he exaggerates this. In 1985, Turley was an intermittent summer intern at the NSA, between semesters at college. He accompanied an NSA lawyer to court, once. Possibly carrying a briefcase, but he was not a lawyer for the NSA. Also, Turley was House leadership page during the summers of 1977 and 1978, but was not a member of Congress. He also represented a couple of House representative in their personal lawsuit against President Obama. But he was not a House of Representatives staff lawyer. The reason Goldman seems so pissed is because he knows that Turley has repeatedly let his reputation be exaggerated by Fox News and others. Turley is not Liberal he is a Libertarian. There is a huge difference.

  2. I never thought Jim Jordan would become so meek and soft spoken in his objections. Having some actual responsibility may improve him, after all.

  3. Where is AOC with her speech about intimidating witnesses? Sounded like this would qualify according to her definition, and agreed to by other dems at that hearing. Someone play this back for AOC while videotaping her response, then go back to video of her accusing Republicans of threatening witnesses.

  4. My take on this is someone's acting like a self-entitled asshole, he should be given an Oscar for his performance, now if they can just realize they can play other roles.
    You can definitely tell where his loyalties lie, definitely not unbiased, oh, he's definitely suffering from Trump derangement syndrome.
    Wouldn't Tell The Truth ,

  5. PUTZ asks a question of a legal scholar and then refuses the answer! Green standing and nothing more but spouting leftist talking points! Kudos to the people that elected him/pronoun unknown! Baker forgets bombs in the capital! The person asking questions? ever heard of the weatherman/weather underground? New Nazi party? What an ass! My time is Almost up from New York!

  6. Turley doesn't seem capable of understanding the constitutional or legal issues that this hearing is supposed to be about. How strange.

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