iPhone X Face ID Unlock Fail

Some in the comments claiming the iPhone X was restarted but restart message on iPhone clearly states “restart” as the reason …


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  1. Some in the comments claiming the phone was restarted but restart message on iPhone clearly states "restart" as the reason for extra authentication. Failed Touch ID attempts on the other hand will eventually result in the message Craig got on stage. Try it yourself, repeatedly touch you iPhone sensor with the wrong finger and you'll eventually get "Your passcode is required to enable Touch ID".

    The telling moment for me is when he rubs his face. The way he rubbed his face instantly implies he's had an issue previously. Granted, it could have been a nervous rub… Time will tell. Either way, I remain skeptical of face unlock in general. There's something about the motion and visual obstruction that hasn't grown on me. Maybe Apple will do it better or maybe we'll just deal with pass codes (many still do anyway).

  2. Canโ€™t agree more with you. The audienceโ€™s face looks not quite happy while they are clapping. Thatโ€™s why I choose iPhone 8 Plus at mean time. Touch ID is definitely better than Face ID for sure! Especially under COVID conditions

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  4. Iโ€™d rather go with Face ID then Touch ID what if Iโ€™m passed out asleep and they just use my finger to unlock my phone?

  5. greatfull you you CODED_TOOLZ ON IG for what you did for me without you donโ€™t know if I could use my iPhone 12 anymore the lord will bless you for your good work..

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