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  1. This will be my first Metroid game… I've wanted to play the originals for a while but never got around to them. This one looks absolutely amazing though

  2. This game was the main reason that I bought my Gamecube way back when. I was 23 years old in 2002 and fresh out of college. Was a huge fan of the original on the NES when I was a kid (still have my original cart). Saw this game previewed on a Gamepro DVD that came with an issue of the magazine. I was a little skeptical, at first, as I couldn't really fathom the idea of a 3D Metroid game. However, I was still was interested in trying it out. When it dropped, I finally picked up a used Gamecube from Funcoland and a new copy of this game and was immediately sucked into it.

    Aside from the 3DS title (don't own the system), I have pretty much every game in the series across multiple Nintendo platforms from the NES original thru Dread on the Switch. With that being said, the original Metroid Prime still ranks up there as one of the most engrossing and entertaining games that I've ever played.

    I'm damn near 44 years old now and this video really makes me want to dust off my old copy of the game. Definitely may pick up the remastered version.

  3. As of currently beat the game on and now playing through on hard, I have not seen or obtained the Fusion Suit that was in the original, wii, and wii u versions nor do I know if they put it in the game.

  4. A remaster is taking the core thing and making it aesthetically better. A remake which so many games today claim to be is a complete modernization from the ground up. Demon's Souls title may say remake, but its an absolute lie. You can remake visual assets and have Sony dump money to get an orchestra and it's not going to qualify your game as an honest remake. Not only did Demon's Souls NOT build the game from the ground up, but they ruined a lot of important aspects of the original. The music does not compare, the netcode got slaughtered, and save management no longer exists making one massive bloated save. It is nothing but a port with replaced assets which while beautiful and the specialty of Bluepoint, they would have been more impressive long term calling it a humble remaster. I know it was Sony who wanted it a remake for the sake of selling consoles because it worked on me. My stupid self went in for worlds first sl1 ng+5 pbwt run and I got it, and by the end hated the game. Lets not forget you can't even choose a gender. Just type A or type B. Now that garbage is in Elden Ring thanks to Bluepoint or who knows maybe it was more Sony. I really respect titles like this just getting the proper remaster title. Please don't go explaining that its a visual remake because it is NOT. They literally ported assets and while so much of what you described is remade, thats technically true of any remaster that textures and such are improved. I understand the laziest way would be a simple upscale. But lets not give developers more credit than they deserve just because Metroid isn't trash.

  5. Ok wow, i was waiting for this to come out someday, but comming out the day it was announced is insane and at low price tag. Good, good, GOOD. Now what happend to Echoes and Corruption ? Will they comme out suddenly like the first ?

  6. I loved this game when I was a kid. It was truly beyond anything else that was being done at the time. One of my favorite parts was the feeling of exploration it instilled. Going into a new area and turning on the scanning visor to record the flora and fauna and enemies. It made you feel like you were truly the first one to explore a unique alien world.

  7. Game was always overrated and irritating to play. Unless you were a biased nintentard that never played a real fps. I hope this one fixes the crap controls

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