PSVR 2 Unboxing – A Closer Look At Next Gen VR!

PSVR 2 Unboxing - A Closer Look At Next Gen VR!

In this video, I show you a closer look at the upcoming PSVR 2 VR headset and Sense controllers in this unboxing video!


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  1. Can a nerd explain how this headset is able to transfer enough data over a usb c cable rather than dp or something? Cuz isn’t that the problem with quest 2/pico pcvr? That’s the usb-c can’t transfer enough data? Is this just a nicer usb-c port on both the headset and console?

  2. Cool video 👍👍

    I preordered the standard version with the charging dock station. I already have Grand Turismo 7, No Man Sky, and RE Village, marinating in my PS5 fridge until launch. Peace ✌️

  3. Pre ordered the bundle and charger bought a ps5 too as they are easily available at last. GT7 is the main reason I’ve chosen to go back to PlayStation. Dependent on how good it is, this may lead to the Quest 2 being sold.

  4. Idc about the wire, just make it work on pc and I'll buy it.

    I currently have it preordered but I'm going to have it canceled, don't wanna be an early adopter.
    Was an early adopter of the cv1 which was dope. Also had a psvr1 which was a nice entry point to vr but thr actual headset was garbage. It also smelled like rubber and or chemicals which made my nauseas by just the smell

  5. So what I been wondering is there a fin inside to keep from fogging like the first one and done seem like u can buy accessories for it ? I don’t think anyone saying it for work out games and like beat saber,

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