The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

We take a look at the brand new Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gameplay trailer and breakdown all the secrets and new …


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  1. Some of the backward playing song, actually reminds me of noises and what not you hear during Twilight Princess. The sounds usually revolve around creatures or beings from the, Shadowish realm that Midna is from.

  2. Looks as boring & bad as the previous title. They should get back to the original linear Zelda style with a great story & dungeons instead of another 120 shrines, 500 seeds and the same cutscenes all over and over again.

  3. Theory:

    The villains voice wasn't Ganon, it was Demise. They did just rerelease SS

    Zelda is begging a Ganon she has restored to grant Link his power. That his the piece of the triforce he commands.

    Link will get to wield the full triforce this game

  4. Nintendo is the only company that can do a game that looks exactly like the last one from 5 years ago and still make everyone hype about it.

  5. Haven't seen anyone else mention this. The cubes the titan is made can be seen in the first announcement trailer stacked in a single column during a scene where Zelda, Link and their bull are in the cave headed to Ganon.

  6. The mining Bokoblins are definitely underground, the reverb on the sound of the pickaxe gives it away. It's a new audio effect as Breath of the Wild doesn't have such effects to differentiate indoor and outdoor sounds.

  7. I'm betting the green goo used for the vehicles is going to be obtained from a special kind of Chu Chu enemy. Perhaps there is a Zonai weapon that produces this green elemental power, and when used on Chu Chu jelly, it turns it into Zonai Jelly that can infuse and power these vehicles.

    Might seem complex but in BotW if you used elemental weapons on chu chu's they would change their chemistry to match that element. So there is precedence for it.

  8. Oh IGN, how you manage to be the biggest gaming news outlet yet release something like this after most other content creators AND still have it be a comparatively poor analysis… it's truly astounding.

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