Unboxing Apple's 1000 Dollar Stand

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  1. Apple could sell their own branded underwear called 'iUndies' for $299, and the Apple fanboys would still buy it despite the high price! Or what about Apple selling their own branded swimsuits called 'iSwim'? They could price these at $399, and the Apple fanboys would still buy them despite the high prices…

  2. There are legit probably around a million companies out there, that have built products that benefit the users and society. That struggle to get funding or attract customers, then you have this atrocity from apple that probably sold out and is prebooked for the next 5 shipments straight, just because it has the rotten apple on it.

    Unfair is underrated word to describe the market monopoly few companies have over the world.

  3. I wouldn't want to meet the person who's willing to pay 1,000 dollars for a monitor stand. And don't give me the "billionaires don't mind" crap… those people don't waste their money on stupid things. This has got to be the worst "premium" product of all time. The fact that this exists and that people buy it, is an aberration.

  4. Apple has always been rather pretentious. But the $700 wheels and $1000 stand is absolutely extreme. There is no reason for these 2 products to cost so much money.

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