Unboxing The World's Smallest Ultrabook

Unboxing the GPD P2 Max. World’s smallest ultrabook. Todays Video Sponsored by LG LG 38GL950G: http://bit.ly/2LVk1rl LG …


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  1. No! This is an ultraportable! A shrunken down Surface Pro minus the tablet aspect. Or if you want, an upgraded netbook with a powerful dual core processor. Its not going to win the races but it will excel in the everyday tasks people expect to do on it.

  2. How many times can one make a world's smallest ultrabook. First they made a 5" one, then 7" one, then 8" one and now 8.9" and 10.1" models.

  3. sir i am not rich but i have a mobile is company is mi this is a really lank phone
    and sir i have no money for buy this you
    are so rich to buy the 100 smallest laptops and good luck sir

  4. This video is one of the reasons YouTube is dying , most of us know why you make these videos and your time is nearly over , not being nasty but making these kind of videos has suppressed real content creators from getting views , your video has all,the standard YouTube algorithm tick boxes and that is the problem , you tubers make videos to make money not content that’s interesting and informative and that is going to die

  5. Should've bought this instead of the Microsoft surface go 2… this thing comes with twice the space, twice the ram, two USB ports and is smaller it has a higher resolution display… guess ill have to go though the pain in the ass return process with Microsoft…

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