The Unbox Therapy Backpack – Lewis Hilsenteger + Pacsafe

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  1. Can you please state, do the two steel wires for slash protection in the straps run all the way through the shoulder straps (even through the padded area the goes over the shoulders), or is the wire protection just on the thin area of the straps? Thank you.

  2. I have this bag. Traveling for work with it now. I have 15 backpacks, for different use cases, but this one has become my got to for business travel. Fits my iPad Pro in a case, my electronics and cables, food for the plane, a water bottle and disinfecting were wipes. I also have my EDC in the bag, including a bladeless multi-tool, a couple of small flashlights, a small roll of guerilla tape, pens, notepad, headphones.
    I love the bag to have a small pocket on the back top portion, say for sunglasses.
    Good vid my ftiend

  3. Awesome video! I was excited to see someone was reviewing this pack because I am looking to replace my well worn out Thule. Unfortunately I have a 15 in 2015 MacBook Pro with a case, so it doesn’t look like this pack will work for me. Looks like I’ll be going with the pacsafe LS 450.

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