V2G – Implementation, regulation and grid requirements | California & The Netherlands

Charging your electric car on solar and wind energy during the day and delivering that energy back to your home or to the grid at night. It is already possible and it is called V2G – Vehicle to Grid. ElaadNL in the Netherlands and the CEC in California are exploring this exciting new field in EV Charging. Together with Lucid Motors and PG&E, they will share their findings in a webinar on February 8th 2023.

During this joint webinar a panel of experts from California and the Netherlands present and discuss the future of Vehicle-to-Grid with new insights on technology, regulation and adapting the grid.

The webinar features insights and contributions by ElaadNL, California Energy Commission (CEC), Lucid Motors, Pacific Gas & Energy (PG&E) and the Open Charge Alliance (OCA)

Presentation: Baerte de Brey (ElaadNL)

Insights and Q&A by:

Lonneke Driessen (OCA)
Jeffrey Lu (CEC)
Chris Moris (PG&E)
Sebastian Kaluza (Lucid Motors)

Downloadable slides: https://elaad.nl/en/events/v2g-implementation-regulation-and-grid-requirements-california-the-netherlands/


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