Could this spell a change in the way Apple communicates with YouTube channels and personalities? Does Apple deserve to be …


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  1. the aux cable doesnt fit my iphone, i just spend 9 bucks for nothing. I am pissed I have called apple so many times and no one picks up. I have filed a compaint with attorney general in massachusetts. I wish apple the same frustration they caused me and propably millions of others.
    I will never buy apple product ever again

  2. This "interview" felt more like an inquisition and it had very little to do with macbooks.
    This was about a reviewer knocking down a rival, full stop.

  3. There are a lot of crooked mega companies, but Apple is near the top of that list.

    Customer 1: Yeah, Apple store guy, my Mac Book isn't powering on.
    ASG: Uhh, looks like the device needs replaced. We have this new version over here I can offer you for….
    Customer 2: Can you help me Apple store chick? My i-Pad is giving me problems with….
    ASC: Looks like you need a new machine. I have a wide selection of i-Pads here with a price point that will only cost you 3 months salary. You know the old saying about 3 months salary, right?
    Customer 2: I thought that was for diamonds?
    Customer 3: Hey Apple store man, my i-Phone is acting glitchy.
    ASM: It's obvious, you need a new phone. I can give you this one for only $1500.
    Customer 4: Hey repair shop guy. My Mac Book is booting up, but then it shuts down after 10 minutes. I took it to Apple and they said I need a new Mac Book.
    RSG: Let me take a look. (5 minutes later), OK. See, what you have is a defective fan. I can replace it in about 20 minutes for $35.
    Customer 4: What? Why did Apple tell me the entire machine needed replaced?
    RSG: Because Apple is crooked and the job of their store tech's is to avoid repair and sell you expensive new equipment.

  4. I never subscribe to this man the only reason that i watched his videos is to gathered info about the ff device that's been release because i know there's something about this man that kinda feels like annoying to watched and there it is he showed it up

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