Is Nokia Back?

Unboxing the Nokia 7.1 Android One smartphone. Nokia 7.1 (USA Link) – Nokia 7.1 (International) …


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  1. Nokia was one of the most overhated brands for real i got trashed on in school for having one when others had their iphone and Samsungs at least my phone was nearly invincible and did the main necessary things it needed to 💀💀💀

  2. Just bought a new Nokia 7.2 for my wife. I returned it the next day….Here is why.
    Constant freezing and constant reboots. Randomly rejected SanDisk memory card too.
    I tried resetting to factory full reset twice. It did not help.
    Also, rather odd, I tried the camera and it said memory was full??? It was brand new out the box phone.

    I have two Nokia 6.1's for myself and one of my son's. No issues with them.
    My other son has a Nokia 6.2 which he says is basically okay, except for some random camera app freezes.

  3. Hey, so I had it since may 17,2019 , and today October 14, 2020 , it has officially become a glass brick. It just stopped responding, charging it and performing the safe mode restarting does absolutely nothing, and I had to get my old Motorola out of the box.
    Which is sad, it's the first time the phone had any kind of issues, and sadly it will be the last. I even loved the style, I have the grey/gold one, and I loved it since the beginning.
    But it's unusable.
    I was an all time nokia lover, but now I'll have to find a new affordable brand that can work for more than 3 years, because that's what my old Motorola has achieved, and it isn't a flagship phone.
    I'm just sad.

  4. Aight i think im coming back to Nokia, ive had Lumia before but the windows aint good for me, and now Im a Samsung user but it keeps on dissapointing me, i think now is the time to come back to Nokia android

  5. Most third class mobile .. dont buy nokia phone .. worst durability. My charging port is not working.. and it happened already two time while its warranty period. Plz dont buy any nokia smartphone.

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