Wanted: Dead – Exclusive Launch Trailer

Wanted: Dead - Exclusive Launch Trailer

Check out this exclusive action-packed Wanted: Dead launch trailer for another look at the upcoming third-person action game.


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  1. They really put this scene with the truck at 2:57 on a video trailer ? And they want 70$ for this ?
    Really let the name of Ninja Gaiden out of this garbage, you are not doing him a favor.

  2. I'm getting Grind House meets Ghost in the Shell Vibes in a sense, not like exact but like this PRECEDES the times before Ghost in the Shell in a way. I'm intrigued to where this goes.

  3. Face emotionless. Voice emotionless. Kid that sounds like a grown woman. Ah I'm so confused. Pretty rough around the edges. Damn, the dialogue is so hard to listen to
    But we are here for the John Wick type of finishers! Aren't we?!

    Bu the game looks fun, looking forward to it.

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