India's Internet Dilemma Has People Talking

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  1. This article is as true as who wrote it and who thinks Big tech and foreign news channels are above Supreme Court and who will be the judge those who have banned all russian channels.

  2. This is the same government that has beaten up the students at some of Indias most prestigious universities and burnt their libraries. The truth about their crimes cannot be hidden no matter what they do.

  3. as expected from a western media outlet , u throw out refugees , kill blacks , commit war crimes , ban other media but that is freedom
    If India tries to protect its social harmony its turning "anti Democratic" 🙄
    Once a wise man said , that the more India grows , u will hear such reports , documentaries , press releases etc maligning India , continue your BS

  4. This is wrong what the government has done by censoring the documentary, this will give a new suppress the right of many people instead of the government should file a complaint against BBC, as they are contradicting the decision of the Highest Judiciary in the country "The Supreme Court" and the court should ban this documentary in India and request other countries to ban as this video was only produced not to harm Modi but the UK Prime Minister as he is Hindu origin. This all false documentary stuff is done under political influence. And one more thing that this Aakash Banerjee is "Chutiya" (I used the word chutiye because you visited The India and are familiar with that term 😆), so he is insignificant

  5. As an Indian the fact that Indian wants to censor the internet is nerve racking for me. It points to the direction that the government can manipulate and hide information from the public.

  6. Thank u for relljng about that on media thats the truth
    They just said indians data is india's data so they don't want the data to be stored in usa
    Usa has used internet to crackdown on many governments around the world
    West don't understand us at all
    Colonized institutions in west

  7. Wired, Quint and some other far left "news organizations" are extremely and smartly biased against the currenr government. The agenda driven propaganda that they are spreading has reached a crazy level.

  8. India is slowly becoming a hypocratic distopia when it comes to privacy. The government keeps saying like they care about security, yet most scam calls come from India, and have been coming from India, no decline in years now. They pull off a "Privacy focused OS" stunt to mask the fact that they force companies to build back-doors into commonly used apps, like WhatsApp so that they can have access to messages.

  9. Avoid articles by akash banerjee, he's a political commentator, i watch his show sometimes to get Left point of view on current things but he objectively hates almost evrything that modi government does. He's attitude in his commenty is alway like 'Look what these illiterates/small towny folks are doing'

  10. My advice to Lew and Unbox Therapy would be to steer clear of Akash Banerjee. This person is a political commentator and I have no idea why Wired even featured his article as it reeks of political bias. I thought tech portals should be abt tech news not political ideology. Whoever is vetting this news should be extremely careful cause left-wing actors are spreading false propaganda in the anticipation of 2024 elections in India.

  11. Issue about the documentary you mentioned can cause an unrest. Our top most justice system have Modi let go. Now BBC trying to make him into a convict. What happened when trump vs Biden happened? Maybe usa can rent us their Capitol for the future riots?

  12. This is definitely an interesting issue. On one hand you want to be free and open, but as we've seen with the twitter fiasco, there are many western platforms that allow targeted propaganda if it fits the world view of the people who work at that platform. Moreover, these external platforms have silenced/banned accounts of members of Indian parliament and Indian citizens. External communications platforms cannot be above a country's democratically elected government jurisdiction. Also, the west is currently not happy with India's position with Ukraine, so you're likely to see more anti India propaganda.

  13. Man crap!!! it's always a concern for me
    Day by day internet censorship and control in India is going beyond a stable situation.
    There's going to be no online privacy basically in India if this continues.
    And it'll slowly change intlo something like china the heck is wrong with all the people saying our control over our internet is great !!! ?
    No monopoly is never great

  14. My question is simple why dint Akash Banerjee cite why this documentary is controversial. Maybe because the highest court in India under the opposition government in 2012 acquitted PM Modi of any wrongdoing. Also why wouldn't Akash Banerjee speak abt the context in which those YouTube channels or accounts were banned creating misconceptions abt the govt. Those accounts were banned for anti-India activities. Also why doesn't left liberal Akash Banerjee speak on Anil K Antony former MP from Congress who supported the BJP against BBC. He even tweeted few of the BBC's propaganda against India only to get threatening calls from his own party's supporters. Facts are if the West is willing to ban RT for propaganda then we have clear evidence of BBC's propaganda against India over decades. Infact Congress banned BBC twice and maybe those left liberal who are calling BJP supporters andh bhakts should check Palki Sharmas Firstpost video on the issue exposing the left liberal of India.

  15. The "living in a bubble effect" is just a result of a failed education system and a diseased society. No one looks at India and believes it's a relatively "free country". Control the internet won't change a thing. This is just a tip of the iceberg

  16. India is second china,ppl outside ind see it as peacefull nation,ruling party can do whatever f*ck they want also aprat from them every party is anti india,poor ppl cant live here also everyone hate muslims.🤣🤣 and hate each other also if they are upper caste.75 years black ppl play in nba,nfl even movies, not single cricketer,bussinesmen or any main stream (lower caste OBC,SC,ST)

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