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  1. I like that your gear is normally simple and messed up not the kinda guy that buys a fancy expensive gadget for every little item he has, and that headphone clamp was the top for me :O

  2. I actually find over ear headphones pretty bad for travelling – and the AirPods Max are even worse because they're so bulky. I bought a pair of refurbished AirPods Max because I fly fairly often and just found them a pain when on the plane to be honest. They're so bulky so they take up a lot of room in your bag, and they're pretty heavy. Also I find over ear headphones are really annoying when on the plane because you can't rest your head against the window or your headrest because it dislodges them. I sold my AirPods Max and bought a pair of AirPods Pro 2 and find them amazing – even better noise cancelling than the Max in a tiny little footprint, and I can rest and move my head around without the headphones moving!

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