Resident Evil 4 REMAKE Reviews are CRAZY! Best Horror game EVER?!

Resident Evil 4 REMAKE Reviews are CRAZY! Best Horror game EVER?!

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  1. Why nobody is mentioned that capcom cut the dlc ada wong from this release to sell ahead on pay dlc. I thought that you will mentioned that. But after all you are like all others youtubers been pay to not talk from all content that was cut

  2. I was putting this game off because I played the original so many times that even fresh it still feels too soon for me. I was gonna play system shock remake instead. Now that’s been delayed again, here I am, preordered re4make and ready to jump back in.

  3. Original resident evil 4 is on 96 and the remake will not top that the original is by far better than the remake the game has too many resident evil 2 similarities remake the game is making by the same team so original game is still better

  4. Very excited to play this. Looks great, just as RE2 & RE3 did. They have to give RE this treatment next, no? I know they kinda did it already, but I have to play it in this style with some new story bits and these gorgeous visuals. It would bring a happy tear to this Old man RE fan’s eye. Major props to all the great RE games that this team keeps pumping out. Looking forward to your review dude.

  5. Too bad that wack ass ff7 remake didn't get thebsame respect that capcom give RE remakes…at least crisis core remake was perfect tho, and felt more like an ff game than 7r did.

  6. I'm not a huge proponent for remaking classics that never needed in a first place. Ever since the announcement, it gave me an impression of corporate cashgrab without Cacpcom being remotely subtle, but, holy heck, that demo was amazing in a way it made me to pre-order the game immediately.

  7. I always felt RE4 and RE2 were masterpieces. So, I am not surprised that RE4 is rated so high. The graphics and the story and game play is really good. Can't wait for capcom remakes RE1. 🧟‍♂️

  8. Something I’m always curious about. Does making stupid faces to put on the thumbnail make the video reach more people? This is one of the YouTubers who certainly believes so. It annoys the hell out of me.

  9. @DreamcastGuy, Curious who are you trying to impress making fun of someone getting through the game in 16 hours. Then saying the original version is 10 hours. Okay Bro…

  10. if this game then reviewed overhyped and then very good, right now capcom truly CHAD.. i hope doesn't turn out to be bad games, same as dead island 2

  11. There’s never a game that will be better than the original 1996 resident evil,most people that have played the series wasn’t there to witness the original which as a gamer in them days was amazing,the likes of tomb raider on ps1 has never hit the heights of breathtaking game play,great graphics or upgrades doesn’t make a game better in my experience the resident evil series has been enhanced but the likes of tomb raider has been downgraded

  12. I played RE2 first, followed by CV, but RE4 was the frist one I played on my actual console, with my tv (all bought with my first years of work (internship). I was able to play it in fall to winter, with actual cold feeling (tropical country is not easy to get that) the imersion was amazing, playing on professional and then griding mersenaries… that was the time of resident evil.
    and (for our luck) the remakes are doing an amazing job to get us back to those good times (even not acepting everything they have done on RE3r)

  13. I dont get why some people are so stuck on the its not as good as the original, because this and that was cut and I dont even know what the excuse is now, but Im still seeing complaints. People of the world, this is a remake, a re make, a re imagination of a game(remake means make something again OR differently) it should never try and be the exact same copy of the old game because thats not what the point is and you can only get that same effect if you play the old game and its still always gonna be available to you, so be quiet, there is nothing to complain about, the game is fresh, almost nothing was cut and was only improved upon, from the story to boss fights, and the animations and characters, the story is trying to continue on re2 remake and is only changed so mucht that it fits the whole story. Now as for some content being cut like the U3 which was kind of random anyway should not be a problem because the remake is not about making an updated copy of the game..

  14. It’s not really horror anymore, it’s action, what point in the game do you feel scared? Like a res biohazard tension or a alien isolation tension

  15. I don’t care what the reviews so, there’s no way on earth that the remake will be better then the original. It was just too good and no amount of shiny graphics, can top the feeling the original, gave us. Saying that, I will buy and know I’ll enjoy the remake. Especially when vr version is out but the original was 1 of the most fun games that I ever played. Wish more games nowadays, gave me the feelings that resident evil 4 did.

  16. Got the uncut Version of RE4 on the gamecube back then but I needed an extra disc to play it and it wasn't delivered the same day. So I drove 45 minutes to a friend to borrow it, drove home, started the game, drove to my friend to give it back, drove home. Ugh 😂 I finished it in one session and the changing disc screen almost got me a heart attack 😂😂😂. What a hell of a ride this game was.

  17. Capcom has been on a role. RE7, RE2 remake, RE village, RE4 remake ! I know RE3 has cut content but it’s still a fun game to play.

  18. I'm not phased by these high scores it's receiving, sure i've played the demo and it was good i wasn't blown away though. Once i get the full game i can properly critique it

  19. Bought this specifically for VR DLC. Looks like I'll also play it on flat screen just cause I loved the original when I was younger. Replayability on that makes it priceless for me!

  20. Was not a fan of RE 4 on GC when I played it in spring of '05, cuz I grew up with the original survival horror trilogy, but after a few years and a new playthrough I began to enjoy what it created unique to the series and it became like a fun roller coater ride of the franchise

  21. Resident evil 4 has always been my favourite in the series and this remake is beyond exciting. I'm not excited for the first playthrough. All true RE fans know that the real fun starts with the 2nd playthrough. I cant wait to see what they've done with the weapons.

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