Best Camera Smartphones ( 2023 ) Barcelona, Spain

Best Camera Smartphones ( 2023 ) Barcelona, Spain

Here are my top four camera smartphones in early 2023. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra VS iPhone 14 Pro Max VS Google Pixel …


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  1. I like bright night mode more than natural. You can't really edit a natural photo but U can edit a bright, make it natural etc.

  2. I think the Pixel is so much more natural. Of course, sometimes in difficult situations, it can be slightly off. But comparatively it has more consistent natural colours in its snaps 😊

  3. Two of My friends already sold s23u ..after update camera became shit…pics like oil painting..hdr doesent even work now amd all black crush in shadows…doesn't know what samsung is doing ..they Said they wonr buy samsung in future as dint have time to go service center for such issues but they went to see the issues there guys Saud it's normal.. they he sold his s23u and bought 14pro max on same day itself..

  4. Your went about it the wrong way inside La Sagrada Familia. You went with Vivo because of skin tone only, and invited the fact the rest of the image looked terrible compared to the others. Also, skin tone shouldn't have probably been the last thing to go by as the cathedral is purposely flooded with beams of colored light. That's what the phone SHOULD be picking up, is the colors. Lastly, Vivo did it's best to correct skin tone but at the cost of color accuracy on everything else. Your jacket is a completely different color compared to the other three phones.

  5. I think you are supposed to upload this video in public. However my overall pick is Vivo X90 Pro. Better value for the money. Also the look of the phone is very good.

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