iPhone 12 Pro MAX Unboxing

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s true flagship smartphone for 2020. iPhone 12 Latercase – https://latercase.com/iphone Anker …


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  1. Is it weird that I wouldn't mind seen you doing like super old throw backs on flip phones and beepers? Assuming you've been doing these videos that long. Hahaha

  2. Hello, I just got a new iphone 12 pro max today, and when i open the box, the phone only carries 10% battery, should i worry about this? I worry it might not be authentic… (the phone might be pre-owned by other people…etc..) cause I saw lots of unboxing vidio, and all of the phones are carrying almost 100% battery on them.

  3. I’m seeing better contrast better color better overall picture quality in better detail on the 12 promax of course I on the 12 promax and I had the 12 pro and 12 originally and I didn’t like either of the previous two so I upgraded to the flagship and it is the best phone it’s also even better than the 13 because there’s nothing different between the two except it’s a thicker phone requires you to purchase another OtterBox and they upgraded the camera has the same processing chip everything is the same so I’m gonna wait till the 14 comes out

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