Resident Evil 4 Remake: 15 Biggest Changes We've Seen So Far

Resident Evil 4 Remake: 15 Biggest Changes We've Seen So Far

It’s been 18 years since the release of Resident Evil 4 on Gamecube, and the world of Resident Evil and its design philopshies …


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  1. Game sin 33: If Leon can easily break wooden crates with a kick, Leon wouldn't need a knife nor shotgun to sever limbs to save ammo and knife's durability 1:20
    Game sin 34: best acting ever 7:24

  2. Really confused as to why everyone is so excited about this one. The reason that RE12&3 needed complete overhauls were to bring the series modern gameplay into an older title. RE4 invented the modern gameplay style. They completely gutted everything that made RE4 great. The tank controls are so integral to the experience. The QTEs dated as they are are a goofy relic of what was innovation at the time. Weapon aiming has been totally ruined by adding reticles to the game. The reason reticles work in 7 and 8 are because Ethan is always terrified and shaking when he’s trying to aim his weapon, Leon clearly has been using firearms for a much more extended period of time, which is why the completely stable laser sight worked in RE4. The Camera does not follow Leon anymore in a way that adds tension and keeps the FOV low. Not going to be buying this one.

  3. That tarded dude on twitter who complained about "Yellow" paint on boxes doesn't realize that in frantic action and quick decision making, as well as graphical fidelity, THEY BLEND IN.
    In GC, PS2, PC SourceNext and PC HD or HDPROJECT, Lightning was mostly baked. And those crates were ALWAYS glowing.

    Imagine now having those "Painted" sections in some games like Horizon Forbidden West, that game is a masterclass in Graphical Fidelity. You would get lost easily how detailed it is.
    Yes, sure, for the sake of realism, it would be nice to disable them, but it's a nice hint during high combat to know exactly what you can do.

  4. 3:00 It’s hilarious that the reviewer mentions Leon speaking Spanish as a huge change, while failing to mention the actual huge change, which is the enemies don’t speak latin american Spanish anymore and they FINALLY speak actual spanish from Spain as they’re supposed to. I’m sure reviewer doesn’t even notice the difference between the two, which is incredibly funny to me.

  5. Its shows that capcom where moving to slow with the game Mechanics for resi games because the players should have been allowed to shoot and move at the same time before resident evil 6

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