The Best Mouse in the World?

Logitech MX Master – Subscribe: Is the Logitech MX Master the best …


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  1. Yes, this mouse is just the best. Mostly because of its shape, I prefer it over other mice that even more expensive than this with more features and buttons etc

  2. Why isn't the whole world using vertical mice or trackballs already? Even if this mouse is super premium, it's worthless due to lack of ergonomics whatsoever… I'm telling you, the only devices that are worth it simply must be vertical, or be a trackball, which does way better job than standard stupid mice.

  3. Is there a mouse that you can Bluetooth connect to a device that you can say plugin wired so like if you like a Bluetooth mouse and it has a c port tht can connect to USB like a Wired Mouse to also charge I dont care if II hve to flip a switch to change it from Wireless to wired mode

  4. Using a Roccat Kone Pure Ultra. Love it. The shape is great, size is perfect, super light and double / drag clicks really easily which is a huge plus as a competitive Minecraft player

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