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  1. At least they have a different reporter than that annoying wank-pheasant, Mitchell Saltzman, that IGN only had to cover WWE games over the last 5 years. Make sure that twat STAYS AWAY and give someone else a chance to review WWE games in the near future! 😂😂😂

  2. WE WANT CHAIN WRESTLING BACK, WE WANT TO REMOVE WRESTLING STRAPS, WE WANT FACE PAINT FADE, WE WANT RUNNING IRSH WHIPS. 2k19 did so many things better that the bar for wwe 2k games are now high. wwe2k19 really was the best wwe2k game, I'm not expecting anything better from this tbh

  3. Go China! That's the tagline for this game, right? Don't give John "China's B*tch" Cena a platform. SMH. Not to mention Logan Paul and others. WTF. No. Just no. Also, you gave this game an 8. It's not an 8.

  4. Was a big fan of the PS2 games, smackdown vs raw, my last game was 2k14 on PS3, I'll be jumping back in cause of the legends in this game even though it's missing the rock 98, it's got enough for me to enjoy

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