Tesla's NEW Charger! For Your Smartphone!?

Tesla's NEW Charger! For Your Smartphone!?

Tesla just released its new fast charger! Not one for any of its electric vehicles, but for your iPhone or other Qi device. I take you …


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  1. This would be great to have inside the car, because current tesla phone chargers don’t work unless the phone is placed In the exact right spot. But even then MagSafe would be better. The stock charger in my tesla will launch my phone across the car if I take a fast sharp turn. MagSafe would hold it better in place.

  2. My iPhone 12 pro Max charges faster when using the lightning to usbc cable and 20w charging brick than when using the magsafe charger and the 20w charging brick. It's like not even close.

  3. If it’s from Tesla, the build quality will be atrocious, customer support will make you wanna scream, and various features will work sporadically. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can drive one of those pieces of crap.

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