Unboxing the New VIVE XR Elite: The Future of Virtual Reality

Unboxing the New VIVE XR Elite: The Future of Virtual Reality

VIVE XR Elite is the all-new standalone VR headset from HTC VIVE. Powerful, portable, and packed with surprises, it’s unlike any …


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  1. Syafire, your nails are great! I'm not a gamer. I'm a home office worker using 3 large screens for google docs, sheets, and slides. I want to start working when I'm out traveling with my kids on extended vacations which would be possible if I had a VR headset hardwired into my laptop with 3 virtual monitors at sufficient resolution. I've been experimenting with Meta's Immersed app. Does XR Elite have an equivalent productivity environment that can give me three virtual monitors to work from on my pc laptop or Chromebook? Also, I have absolutely no desire to socialize with avatars. I just want crisp VR monitors at good enough resolution for writing text and crunching spreadsheets. Any solution for me from Vive?

  2. Definitely my favorite host now. The calmness in your voice during the voiceovers is lovely and the quirky jokes are hilarious. Not to mention I was hooked as soon as I saw those eyes at 0:11. Can't wait for the headset to come out along with future updates from you Madeline!!

  3. the thing I'm most interested in this for is mixed reality, specifically I'm looking into this headset for replacing my triple monitor setup for work, and using this headset with virtual desktops in my home office. if it works well and is comfortable I could see myself buying this.

  4. I want microled screens…… If it had microled screens and had 2.5k instead of 2k per eye I'd buy one instantly. Need an alternative to the meganex and the big screen beyond that's wireless, this is the only answer. If you don't mind the quest like resolution and colors (which I'm extremely sad it has) then buy it immediately.

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