Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) Full Review: Don't Buy This For $499!

Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) Full Review: Don't Buy This For $499!

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  1. I didn't get it yet but I just bought one for 10 bucks. Plus a 40 dollar plan, so 50 bucks cause I already have a plan with boost and you have to get a plan in order to get the phone for 10 bucks so I guess I'm going to have 2 numbers for a month ha

  2. I just read specs that claim it has a "8 MP ultra-wide + macro" is this the macro you said they removed? or is it something else? I use macro on my current camera to zoom in and take close up shots, not sure if that's the one you meant that Motorola removed from this stykus phone??

  3. I bought this phone for 199 today. It's just a turd. The speaker and sound is absolutely terrible. It's low and bad quality. The skin that Moto has put on Android 12 is freaking terrible and sad. The stylus is a thin strip of junk. I just can't understand why anyone would have this thing. It's the same price from my carrier for this Moto Stylus 5g as the Samsung Galaxy a53. It's not even on the same continent as the a53! It's just cheap junk. The only supposed advantage is the 6.7 inch screen. It is a terrible screen no matter how far it's stretched out.

  4. Just purchased from Amazon to upgrade an old Moto g7 power. Price has dropped a lot, its down to $150 and with a Flash sale, I got mine for $114. It hasn't arrived yet, but I think it was a good buy and huge upgrade to the g7.

  5. Got one in Jan. Microphone not worked from day one have to use a bluetooth device to talk on phone for people to hear you. Tried resets etc, no microphone. Screen is so dim I can NOT see it in any kind of sunlight, and now it will not accept a charge from any of my cords. Huge waste of money.

  6. Grabbed this when switching to cricket – $20.00 so I got 2 lines, 2 phones. I need to keep it for 6 months before it unlocks, which is fine by me since this service works the best where I live and roam. A bit of an upgrade from my Moto 5G Ace. I've had it for a month and so far, few problems.

  7. U can buy a Galaxy s20 plus on Amazon right now for $250 refurbished of course…but it's a Galaxy s20 plus…the Galaxy s21 is about that much refurbished…if u have $500 get an older flagship Samsung and call it a day..Galaxy s20 s20+ s20 ultra Galaxy s21 s21+ s21 ultra…all can be found for under $500

  8. What about how it functions on a provider? Does it drop calls? Hotspot capabilities, Does the unlocked U.S. version have a problem with any of the providers? What about a battery replacement? Is it a nightmare to replace? This phone sells for $249 with 256 internal and comes with a 256 SDcard. Is it better than an older Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

  9. Another review on this phone? That's like 3 reviews on the same phone now I'm confused on which one is best for me to watch since I'm getting this phone delivered Wednesday. But at least you get more ad revenue and more clicks right. What's funny is you criticize this phone for being the same identical device as the previous two models they've come out with just slightly different and yet your review of the phone is the exact same thing because you have like three different reviews that are just slightly different than the others you've put out on the same phone

  10. This phone is only 9.99 right now if you switch to boost mobile awesome deal. I’ve used boost in the past and never had an issue with their service other than streaming videos is lower quality.

  11. The screen of this phone is very sensitive. You barely touch it with your finger and that is. It's drive me crazy. I wish the phone had an adjustment but it's doesn't.

  12. Damn … macro photos are the only the photos I take with a cell phone. For anything else I use a real camera.
    Nice thing about the Nexus 6 (aka Motorola Nexus X) was two front mounted speakers.
    I do like the idea that the retained the headphones jack … the main reason I will not consider a Google Pixel phone.

    When reviewing smart phones, it seems no one ever covers the device's primary function: How well it works as a phone … background noise canceling, clear audio (ear piece and microphone), volume, hearing-aid compatibility, number blocking, headset options … stop thinking of it as a game machine and consider it as a communications device. Sadly an old fashioned Maw Bell analog desk phone usually works better as a phone (clarity and reliability) than any cell phone.

  13. The problem with these tech dudes is they’re way too critical. If something doesn’t have an OLED display and isn’t packed with the best specs and worth 1,400 dollars they basically think it sucks. This phone is great.

  14. just got this phone… and let me telll you.. MY 2020 version is way better!! This 2022 phone When you want to customize your color theme it gives you the option to!! BUT THE FUCKING COLOR IS DIULUTED AND WATERED DOWN IN THE FINAL TOUCH! also the whites and darks looked better on my 2020 version!! The screen was a lot more brighter in 2020 version!! The side homescreen button sensor is super annoying. I dont know why they got rid of it from the back. Now I cant even hold my phone without accidentaly pressing the damm sensor and opening the damm phone. I never had this issue with the 2020 version and trust me I love using the sensor to log in or open my phone, but this side sensor is so annoying. I am going to return this phone.

  15. Metal backs on phone's 🤦🏻‍♂️after intense use iphone 14 gets uncomfortable to hold while using. I'll stick to my phones that cost less than $200 and don't overheat 👍👍 a stylus is a stylus not an epen🤦🏻‍♂️apple and samsung fan,gotta be

  16. I believe you hit everything about this phone that would be important to me because I’m operating iPhone X 256 gb. $499 is not a cheap price to be paying for all those flaws that you gave attention about Motorola Moto G 5G. No I will not spend $499 for this phone but yes I will pay $49.99 from boost lol 😂

  17. I have some very specific questions as to how the 2022 vs 2020 vs 2021. I LOVED Everything about the 2020 version. The only thing that could have been improved is making the same exact device 5G and change nothing else. Unfortunately, that's not what's happened. 2021 camera zoom looks super grainy, even at just 1x. My old 5mpx camera zooms looked better. Also it doesn't do the wide shot action video. What about the 2022? Did it bring any of these qualities back? You said that it's still the single speaker from the 2021. But how is sound quality during a phone call? The 2021 speaker setting for phone calls while driving is practically useless, and that's when you need it the most. Obviously the 2020 dual dolby speaker was infinitely superior. But lacking that, is the 2022 speaker at least more usable than the 2021? Similarly, you mentioned the screen being more dim than you liked – but how does it compare to previous versions of the Moto Stylus? Is it the same or worse? Lastly, screen durability – Motorola has bounced around with Gorilla glass. How would this screen compare in terms of crack resistance? Thanks in advance 😊

  18. This is presently going for half price $249.99 direct from Motorola. I'm considering it – upgrading from a Moto G7 that I've had for a little over 3 years. Still working perfectly. I wish this one had stereo speakers, as the OP mentioned, and I'm also concerned it won't charge as fast as my G7. Specs say this comes with a 10W turbocharger. My G7 came with a 15W turbocharger and it charges super fast.

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