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  1. Dirt rally 2 looks great in flat screen, pretty crap in vr tho, just can’t quite handle the switch. Especially when you really NEED to favor fps over quality in your settings to be able to drive well.

  2. regarding horizon call of the mountain, why do all these women look so deeply unattractive? It's not even the fact that they are made to be like brutish men, but they are simply ugly. Why would someone with all this budget make such repugnant characters?

  3. Form have the awesome graphics. One of the nicest I seen
    Robo Recall have pretty good graphics despite the fact it was a very early VR game
    The gallery (2 episodes) are quests (or walking simulators) that have pretty good geaphics
    Blade&Sorcery look good with the lastes updates
    Karnage Chronicles have a nice lighting, but it's too boring for me
    Bonelab graphics are good too, althrough the game istself worse than boneworks IMO

  4. U forgot Assetto Corsa, RES 2,3,7, Elite Dangerous, No man's sky, Hellsplit Arena, Legendary Tales, Trover Saves the Universe, Contractors and The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners.

  5. Thank you for the list! I've played almost each of these games except Arktika1 and the Vanishing Of Ethan Carter so I'm going to play them soon!

  6. Feel like most of these "stunning games" are good looking, but lack in gameplay… If you want a good shooter that has good tactical gameplay like Ready or Not, take a look at Tactical Assault VR. It's ok the app lab store for quest, and is even getting a PC port. Also if you wanna join a squad feel free to hit me up. It's a pretty neat, but little known experience of Ready or Not in VR. Also, most of these games require PCVR, or Oculus link, which the poster failed to mention. So essentially, you're running a game on your PC, and streaming it to VR. Tactical Assault VR runs native on quest, without a need for a link or anything.

  7. Great list, the only game I think I'd add is the base version of Elite: Dangerous. Not as high-end graphically as most of the titles you listed, but still very impressive and the scale and the feeling ya get flying these huge spaceships is pretty much unparalleled and can create these awesome visual experiences. THE ISSUE: the devs have kinda messed the game up over the years so it has some annoying mega-grindiness and shallow mechanics while also being a relatively complicated game to learn. And even worse, the most recent DLC called "Odyssey" is terrible, so I do not recommend ever buying that (plus, the Odyssey update also ruined the performance for the game which messes up the VR experience big time. Just a dogshit update!).

    BUT if you stick to the base game (which includes everything made for the game before Odyssey was released, and that's all you would want anyway), then you're getting one of the best VR games and space sims ever and usually it's dirt cheap when it goes on sale (and it's often on sale). I could go on about the issues with the game itself, but the flight model and the scale of the game and the ships works perfectly in VR and it's very nice to look at. Just don't buy Odyssey and you'll have a good time with nice performance and visuals.

  8. I'd quite like to see a video on Skyrim VR, personally I can never get it to look quite right, it always just looks a little off/blurry, I tried some DLAA techniques and it looked pretty good, but certainly takes a bit of a performance hit.

    On a sidenote, I'd have to agree, HL Alex has to be my all time favorite VR game aswell, hope to see valve do more with VR in the future because they absolutely killed it with Alex

  9. Since insomniac has some experience in vr we might see something from them in the future on psvr2. I also think blood and truth should have been mentioned in this video, its very Detailed and has great motion captured animations.

  10. Really good video with some great looking games, its been so long i almost forgot, there was something called "Oculus game store" that had a lot of cool games.

  11. I really like Air Car. It's a free 'Blade Runner' flying-car simulator. It's got an upgrade-your-car game aspect, but it is a chilled game to fly around in.

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