Crime Boss: Rockay City – Official Launch Trailer

Crime Boss: Rockay City - Official Launch Trailer

The time has come to suit up as Travis Baker alongside Michael Madsen, Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, Damion …


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  1. LOL so Epic games have made it exclusive for another 3 months so consoles can't access the game until June? Looks like I'll be sailing the seven seas and ripping this game onto my PC instead. If 505 wants to play games like this Im not even going to bother giving them my hard earned money.

  2. Crime Boss:

    – 50% GTA 5 (with little VC mood)

    – 25% Saints Row "1-3"

    – 10% True Crime

    – 5% kane and lynch 2

    – 5% Far Cry 5

    – 5% I.D.K.


  3. Скоро актеры из фильмов медленно но верно перекочуют в видеоигры и с выходом новой игры мы будем не кино смотреть с главным героем а играть за него.😁😁

  4. It’s kind of an insane way to launch it. It’s only launching on Epic Games on PC. So no Steam, and the console versions are announced for a later date. For a game that bills it’s multiplayer as a huge aspect of the game, this is one of the more bizarre rollouts I’ve seen. It will crash and burn before it makes it to any of the other platforms unless it’s phenomenal as it is launching with an extremely limited player base.

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